Fall Decor: Petite Is Powerful

When I see the pumpkins arrive in bins at my local market each September, I feel a mix of excitement and sorrow. It’s not easy saying goodbye to summer, but boy do I love preparing a beautiful fall table! The best way for me to transition from summer to fall is to pick out a few new decorative items that introduce a bit of autumn to my interior.

This year CB2 has knocked it out of the park with a slew of petite treasures, from bud vases to appetizer plates. Don’t be fooled by their small size! These fabulous finds make a big statement. When my latest order arrived, I couldn’t wait to share snapshots of the fall styling fun with all of you. Read on for fall decor ideas and tabletop tips…

Striking Vases

The Cue Blue Green Bud Vase and Costa Bud Vase were the first of CB2’s new offerings to catch my eye. In fact, these “little somethings” pack a powerful punch, especially when filled with radiant fall blooms. There’s no rule that says your fall decor has to be purchased in shades of rust, mustard and brown. The Cue Blue Green Bud Vase makes a refreshing addition to any table or shelf. Perfect in its spherical form and a bit ombre in its progression of green to blue, this stoneware piece also showcases a bit of crackle.

The Costa Bud Vase‘s reactive glaze creates a multi-tonal earthy effect that reminds me of the pottery my parents collected when I was a child. Yet there’s something undeniably modern about it. I purchased three of them! Plus, its sheen allows it to reflect a bit of the surface on which it rests. Notice how it appears to radiate blue in the photo above. Both the Costa and Cue vases make lovely hostess gifts, or you can keep them all for yourself and group them for an interesting tablescape. Speaking of setting a fall table…

Tabletop Style

I love how so many modern, artistic images featured in today’s product/creative photography showcase irregular forms, chunks of matter, and mixed materials. The fluid burst of color that decorates each of CB2’s Wash Appetizer Plates helps create a soothing palette. Available in dusty pink, indigo blue or neutral (shown above), these porcelain plates are the perfect way to serve up tasty bites this autumn. While pink and indigo are definite “it” colors this season, I couldn’t help but be drawn to the earthy shade of the neutral plates. Maybe because they reminded me of the Costa Bud Vase…

Fall Tabletop Styling Tip #1: Don’t hesitate to leave a favor for guests at each spot. With amazing prices at CB2, such as $4.95 for a bud vase, it’s easy to create a special table setting that involves a takeaway piece for each guest.

Fall Tabletop Styling Tip #2: Incorporate Natural Elements. Let the motifs of your tableware guide you. The fluid lines of the appetizer plate design reminded me of the live edges of rocks and minerals, such as the geode pictured above.

Fall Tabletop Styling Tip #3: Add a dash of fall color. Sometimes less is more. Rather than covering your table in fall leaves, pumpkins and orange linens, incorporate a scattering of interesting gourds and radiant flowers, such as dandelions and lilies. Starting with a base of soothing tones (and then punctuating with more vibrant hues in traditional fall colors) is a formula for impactful design.

Check out more of CB2’s vases here. Whether you’re creating a centerpiece that’s overflowing with fall goodness or you’re looking for a “less is more” approach, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Happy shopping, and happy fall!

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