Send her a gift that’ll last longer than a box of chocolates (and send a few to yourself while you’re at it).

With Mother’s Day less than a month away (arriving on Sunday, May 10), Bloomscape has launched a whole new offering of fully-grown, affordable, and beautiful plants that make the perfect gift for mom. Each plant is shipped ready-to-go in a pot with proper drainage, so all she has to do once it arrives is pick a place to display it. With so many options, we’re sure you’ll find yourself sending a few to your home, too.

Bloomscape Orchid Phalaenopsis

Phalaenopsis Orchids are beautiful plants that feature long-lasting blooms. They are very low maintenance plants, only wanting bright indirect light and moisture. In the right conditions, they will reward you with blooms that last for months. Orchids are native to Southern China, Taiwan, Southeast Asia, and New Guinea. They prefer warm conditions, high humidity, and bright indirect light. They are a dramatic addition to any plant or flower lover’s space! Photo Courtesy of Bloomscape

Bloomscape Polka Dot Begonia

Polka Dot Begonia is a fun, lively plant that will add a splash of color to your space with its spotted, triangular leaves that are said to be shaped like angel wings. It features green leaves with white polka dots and dramatic red undersides. Polka Dot Begonia is native to Brazil. This plant is easy-going and enjoys bright indirect light, warm temperatures, and moisture. Photo Courtesy of Bloomscape

Bloomscape Bamboo Palm

The Bamboo Palm is found in the forests of Mexico and Central America where it lives in the shade of larger trees. This means it has adapted to lower light conditions found in most homes. It is a great choice for the home or office because it rates highly on NASA’s list of air-purifying plants. Photo Courtesy of Bloomscape

Bloomscape Ponytail Palm

The Ponytail Palm is drought tolerant, slow-growing, and requires very little care. This plant is ideal for people with very little time or who travel regularly. The Ponytail Palm will be perfectly happy being watered every couple of weeks and left alone to soak up the sunlight. This distinct plant brings a little fun to any room in your home. The Ponytail Palm is neither a palm nor a tree — it’s actually a member of the Agave family, native to the southeastern desert of Mexico. The bulb-like trunk is used to store water and the long leaves that grow from the top of the trunk resemble a ponytail. Photo Courtesy of Bloomscape

Bloomscape Easy Peasy Collection

The Easy Peasy Collection is a group of three plants that are all low-maintenance and drought tolerant. This collection includes a miniature Ponytail Palm, Samurai Sansevieria, and Golden Hahnii Sansevieria. These three plants can all handle a range of conditions, from medium indirect to full sun, low humidity, and minimal watering. They are perfect for a plant parent who is busy or travels a lot. Photo Courtesy of Bloomscape

Bloomscape Aloe and Friend Collection

Aloe and Friend Collection is a fun group of three succulents, consisting of Blush Aloe, Sunset Aloe, and Haworthia Zebra Plant. These three plants are compact, beautiful, and easy going. They are drought tolerant so they will not mind if you miss a watering! All they need to thrive is bright light and a little watering. Photo Courtesy of Bloomscape

Bloomscape Pothos Collection

Pothos Collection is a fun, easy collection consisting of three unique varieties of pothos. Each is unique in their leaf coloring and variegation, all pairing well together. They are very easy to care for, and won’t mind if you miss an occasional watering. These plants can adapt to low light, making them great for an office. These plants will eventually trail and spill beautifully over their pots, making them a great option for a stand or shelf that can showcase their long vines. Photo Courtesy of Bloomscape

Bloomscape String of Succulents Collection

The String of Succulent collection is a fun, unique collection of three succulent plants that spill beautifully over their pots as they start to trail. They include String of Pearls, String of Pickles, and String of Bananas. These plants are succulents, which means they are drought-tolerant since they store water in their round leaves. They will thrive if given bright light and occasional watering. Photo Courtesy of Bloomscape

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