Everyone has a different requirement for a dream house. Some want a house that is functional, space-savvy and adaptive while others want a residence that is grand, relaxing and nature-centric. At times, our expectations from our house also change with changing time, age and health conditions. This exquisite and polished residence in Escobar, Buenos Aires was created by GMARQ to meet the needs of a young couple who have a vibrant social life and need to constantly host gatherings for friends and family. Using this as the central defining aspect of the house, architects crafted a living area along with open kitchen and dining that can all be used as one large ‘social zone’.

Street facade of contemporary House A in Buenos Aires

With a carport at the entrance, it is on the other end of the house that there is a lovely pergola structure under the cantilevered upper level that takes the party outdoors. With a generous garden area and swimming pool, there is no shortage of space here even as the grill outside helps the hosts serve up amazing delicacies. On the same level is the high-tech TV room that was built keeping in mind acoustics and connectivity needs while a smart staircase leads to the upper level with bedrooms in neutral hues.

Facade of the House A in Buenos Aires, Argentine with a stone wall that offers ample protection
Lighting brings coziness to the contemporary home with refined design
Pergola extends the social zone outside even while offering ample shade to guests
Stone plinth wall around the house also provides a sturdy base for the cantilevered upper level
Ample sitting space on the outside provides for a lovely social zone
Fabulous pool area and garden of the Contemporary home in Argentina

Small courtyards, a retaining wall ins tone, glass walls that bring the outdoors inside and sensible modern furniture put the final touches on House A; a residence that is ergonomic, sophisticated and also compact in its overall design.

Modern kitchen of the Argentine home connected with the outdoors
Natural light makes its way into the stairwell thanks to a skylight
Sliding glass doors connect the kitchen with the outdoor space
Bathroom on the upper level of the house with a stone shower area
Cozy Eames Lounger brings timeless appeal to the modern bedroom in white with lovely garden views
Custom TV room on the lower level with tech-savvy design and right acoustics
Grill and sitting space on the outside for a lovely party zone

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