A picturesque landscape that overlooks majestic mountains in the distance, lovely green forests all around and a sloped site where you feel a touch of exhilaration as you enter the house, this Austrian vacation home by Stefan Schweighofer offers more than a few delights! The striking home was built on the base of an old 80’s residence on the same lot and yet in its new avatar, both the exterior and interior of this mountain refuge feel a whole lot more modern. On the outside, it is striking wooden panels in dark gray that give it a unique silhouette while on the inside, you have a world of wood in much lighter tones. It is a home you will not forget anytime soon!

Modern home in dark wood finish sits on the strip foundation of an 80’s home

Another interesting feature in here I the ground floor living area that has been split into several smaller levels. These split-levels offer various views of the scenery outside and do so without ever sacrificing privacy. A central, three-sided fireplace sits at the heart of the living area, kitchen, sitting space and dining area on different, smaller levels and all of them are visually connected at all times. Smartly placed windows also create a sense of symmetry outside the house and you have a dreamy escape that is still filled with contemporary comfort.

70 steps lead down to the holiday house that sits on a sloped lot
Black wood exterior of the holiday house gives it a modern and unique visual appeal
Building on the sloped site overlooks the lovely valley below and the forest beyond it in Austria
Fireplace at the heart of the multi-level living area provides warmth to different sections
Interior clad in wood is split across multiple levels to offer amazing views of the landscape

On the basement level you have tiny bedrooms that were deliberately kept small to give those inside a sense of privacy and coziness even as they take in the sights and sounds outside. A cheerful and relaxing retreat in the Austrian mountains! [Photography: Marc Lins]

Sitting area with fireplace overlook the kitchen that is slightly below it
Small and cozy cabin-style bedroom in wood with beautiful views of the forest and distant mountains
Split-level living area of the gorgeous holiday home in Austria with amazing views
Bathroom of the house in wood and black moves away from the usual color palette
Contemporary bathroom fittings are combined with wooden walls to create an exceptional bathroom

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