Giving the old home a new lease of life while preserving its existing, vernacular charm is a task that demands careful balance of elements. Originally built in 1965, this ranch house in Johnson City, Texas was recently given a fresh, modern look by Mark Ashby Design while ensuring that its original ‘ranch style’ remained largely intact. The interior of this previously dreary home was completely altered as the extensive remodel removed all the unnecessary internal partitions to create a setting that is light-filled, cheerful and yet has ‘Texas’ written all over it! The Hill Country Retreat now welcomes everyone with a more relaxing ambiance where modernity and old world charm sit next to one another.

Gorgeous living room of Hill Country Retreat in Johnson City, Texas

The drastic revamped started with the living area where the backdrop is kept completely white and a plush leather couch dominates the visual. But the real transformation is in the new, more social kitchen where white oak walls, equally clean white tiles wooden countertops and eye-catching teal cabinets combine to create a pleasant environment. The central island with its spacious breakfast zone is bound to be a place for many interesting conversations and lovely family time.

Relaxing ranch style kitchen in white with a splash of teal that brings brightness
Butcher block kitchen coutertops combined with teal cabinets and white tiled backsplash
Small and elegant ranch style kitchen in Texas home with tiled-backsplash and teal cabinets
Floating shelves in the kitchen corner save space with ease
Bedroom in white inside the relaxing Hill Country Retreat in Texas

This theme of white and wood interlaced with a splash of color continues in the kitchen and the bathroom as well where gray and blue accents offer change from visual monotony. Space-savvy corner shelves, lovely cabinets all around and vintage lighting fixtures put the final touches on this exquisite ranch retreat.

Beds with iron frame enhance the traditional ranch style of the bedroom in white
Hide away the laundry area when it is not in use with a small curtain
Sliding barn style door for the home preserve its classic ranch style
White bathroom with patterned tile floor and a space-savvy design
Patterned encaustic tile for the modern entry in white

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