Designing your dream bedroom can be taxing at times. There are all the things that you crave in terms of design, ergonomics and luxury. Then you want to create some space for maybe a workspace in the corner, a cool reading nook or even a lovely conversation zone that sits right next to the fireplace. But most importantly, we all want a bedroom that helps us relax, rejuvenate and makes things easier at the end of the day. An organized closet or wardrobe is an essential component in making this a reality. But what if you could take the simple closet in the corner and turn it into a walk-in closet that holds your entire wardrobe, fashion accessories, shoes, collection of bags and a whole lot more!

Attic level walk-in closet is a smart space-saver [From: Guillaume BRIERE-SOUDE]

You do not really need a whole lot of space for modern walk-in closets and most of them bring a sense of visual spaciousness to the bedroom by using glass or mirrored sliding doors. But for those who love color, uniqueness and a style that brings together different contrasting elements, it is the eclectic walk-in closet that ends up as the big winner. Here, you are not constrained by style demarcations and you can add a splash of color without worrying about things feeling out of place. From the vivacious to the classy, this is a roundup of the best eclectic walk-in closets and dressing rooms –

A Splurge of Color

In the eclectic walk-in closet, color does not come in short supply for those who really want a vivacious and spunky space for their wardrobe. The two most popular walk-in closet colors are undoubtedly pink and purple and both of them bring an air of femininity along with them. Looking beyond these two colors, shades of blue and yellow also work beautifully in these spaces. With the right lighting and mirrors, even a pinch of bold color can be magnified to fashion a smart and adorable walk-in closet. Remember that if you have open shelves and cabinets in the walk-in closet, your clothes and accessories will already add plenty of color to the setting.

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Fabulous eclectic walk-in closet in teal with space-savvy design [From: Nicole Norris Design Studio / Timeless Memories Photography]
Spacious walk-in closet with plenty of room for dresses, shoes, handbags and more! [From: Becker Henson Niksto Architects]
Wallpaper brings pattern to this eclectic chic walk-in closet [From: Eberlein Design Consultants]
Amazing eclectic closet with mirrored shelves, doors and walls and a dash of pink! [From: StudioHansen Architecture]

Smart Walk-in Closets in White

A small niche in the bedroom can be turned into a modest yet dashing walk-in closet with ease. This little space filled with shelves, drawers and cabinets can hold everything from your shoes and belts to dresses and accessories. Make use of the vertical space on offer and do not neglect the area behind the doors as well. In the tiny walk-in closet, a white backdrop or one in beige or lighter shades of gray presents a more organized visual; even if you are shooting for a modern-eclectic look.

Even a small room or niche can be turned into a lovely walk-in closet
Stunningly spacious walk-in closet and dressing room in white with plenty of metallic dazzle [From: Lord Design / Blackstone Studios]
Bright and breezy eclectic closet design in white [From: Fireclay Tile]

Give it a Unique Personality

Like every other room in your house, the walk-in closet also needs that ‘something special’ beyond just a defined style to give it an aura of its own. In the eclectic closet, you have a variety of options which are simply not available in contemporary or modern closets. From illuminated wall signs to wallpaper, exposed brick walls and concrete wall sections, pretty much everything and anything works in this small eclectic haven. Just make sure though that you still find a common element that links it all.

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Gorgeous eclectic closet in gray with lovely chandelier lighting [From: Jay Jeffers]
Walk-in closet with an illuminated sign that says undress yourself! [From: stephane chamard]
Wooden drawers and shelves give this eclectic walk-in closet a more traditional vibe [From: Adamson Designs]
A perfect walk-in closet for those who love their handbags!

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