We are always exploring new ways in which we can bring color and pattern into our homes. Of course, we want to do this in a curated and classy manner. It should not feel forced. Finding the right setting for the right theme and style is essential here. And there are few rooms in our homes where we can try out ‘something new’ without it being garish or over the top. The powder room is undoubtedly one of these places. It allows you to experiment with ‘hot trends’ before bringing them to the living room, bedroom or the kitchen. Today, we explore one such trend with ‘modern Mediterranean’ style and ways in which it can be used to revamp your tiny powder room.

Custom sink with natural flair for the Mediterranean powder room [From: Samuel Design Group]

Powder rooms with modern Mediterranean style feel grand, refined and transport you into a world away from the busy urban jungle. It need not feel like an extension of the living area or guest room next to it. The novelty factor makes up for the change in style and ambiance. One can try out textured walls, stunning chandeliers and frames with golden glint here. Step in into this wondrous world and get mesmerized –

Bold Color with Glint

Experts often talk about staying away from bright and bold colors in small spaces. But in the powder room, a dashing color can be your friend. You obviously need to couple it with the right decorating style and this is where modern Mediterranean comes in. These exquisite powder rooms can be draped in majesty magenta, plush purple, sunny yellow or even glittering gold. It is best to stick to one bright color in the room and combine it with metallic finishes and accents. With the Mediterranean theme nothing will feel out of place or over-the-top.

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Modern Mediterranean powder room with a dash of red [From: Celebrity Communities]
Stunning powder room in gold and blue amazing lighting [From: Roy Campana Photography]
Stylish take on the classic Mediterranean style powder room [From: Gina Mae Schubert Design]
Fabulous Mediterranean powder room in blue with a custom metallic sink and antique shelf doors [From: Elina Päsok photography]

Walls with Textural Beauty

One staple of all Mediterranean designs is the lovely presence of textured walls. They give any space an authentic Mediterranean vibe almost instantly. Using this in the powder room can help you veer away from bright colors and gold-tinted mirror frames and take you in a more ‘modern’ direction without compromising on the overall appeal. Textured walls when used along with dazzling Moroccan lanterns that play with light and shadow make a big impact in the small powder room. A natural wood vanity or a brass sink take it to a whole new level!

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Gorgeous and beautifully lit Mediterranean style powder room [From: Stotler Design Group]
Combining raw natural textures and pattern inside the Mediterranean powder room
Gold frames add glitter to the Mediterranean powder room [From: Interior Affairs — Vickie Daeley]
Textured walls for the Mediterranean style powder room [From: DD Ford Construction / Jim Bartsch Photography]

Bringing Home with Curves

A curved ceiling or arched windows also help in accentuating the Mediterranean panache of the powder room without going over the top. Also make sure that you have the right mirror silhouette for the space and a vanity that feels as classic as the theme of the powder room itself. Smart sconce lighting and another layer of pleasant ambient light should put the perfect final touches on a powder room that feels both extravagant and trendy.

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Curved ceiling and custom Moroccan lighting for the Mediterranean powder room [From: Delehant Design]
Stone sink and gorgeous chandelier for the modern Mediterranean powder room [From: fredette morris DESIGN]
Arches are a staple of Mediterranean style [From: Jauregui Architect]

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