Yes, the shutters and shields brought upon by winter are now yielding to the colors of spring and this means spending more time outside. You do want to enjoy the sights and sounds of early spring. But for many of us, we wish to do so without sacrificing on the comforts that our interior décor offers. Combining both these aspects with cutting-edge design, durability and plenty of panache are the Portofino and Samba Rio décor collections from Roberti. Both the lineups bring modernity to the poolside deck, balcony or patio but in distinctly different fashion.

Portofino series of outdoor decor with a nautical touch

Portofino is a series that exudes coastal and nautical overtones with a series of sunbeds, daybeds and outdoor sofas that come with and without canopy. The entire collection feels absolutely perfect for a balcony or deck that overlooks waves dancing in the distance. Even if you do not really reside in a seaside town, this gorgeous collection is bound to transport you into a scenic, Mediterranean escape with its sheer cheerful presence and unparalleled comfort.

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Samba Rio Collection of Outdoor Decor from Roberti
Simple and comfortable design of Samba Rio in white
Slim outdoor dining table combined with delightfully woven chairs
Sunbed with a cozy and elegant design
Outdoor sofas and armchairs from the Roberti Rattan Collection
Relaxing lounger from the Samba Rio Collection
Portofino outdoor lounger on the deck from Roberti

Samba Rio takes a much more earthen and contemporary approach to its design. This ergonomic series of outdoor chairs, tables and loungers comes with aluminum powder coated finish, making them the perfect all-weather friends. Be it in the garden or just inside on the covered porch, Samba Rio makes a breezy style statement that one just cannot ignore.

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Give your oceanside deck a perfect lounger with the Portofino
Giving the outdoor furniture a stylish, modern upgrade with Roberti
Lovely collection of outdoor chairs from Roberti
Natural brown hue of the lounger blend in with the earthen colors of the outdoors
Outdoor dining table and chairs from the Samba Rio Collection
Aluminum powder coated decor from Roberti
Create a cozy and smart outdoor reading nook

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