How to Shop Smarter at End-of-Season Sales

If you love good design and you’re on a budget, there’s no need to deprive yourself of amazing decor. The key is shopping smarter! Since retailers are often ahead of the clock when it comes to revealing new collections, they must clear out their stock when the current season is still going strong. In other words, many seasonally appropriate products are on sale right when you need them! After all, buying a patio umbrella in July gives you plenty of warm weather days to enjoy it, right?! And if that patio umbrella is 50% off, even better. Keep reading for our tips on how to shop well (on a budget), thanks to end-of-season sales. [Breton Black Metal Dining Chair from CB2]

Enjoy Great Deals

End-of-season sales mean a plethora of deals for you to enjoy. Obviously, there will be many items on clearance. As mentioned, a lot of these items will still be filled with potential for enjoying in the here and now! For example, outdoor furniture on sale in July can be utilized for months before the chill of winter sets in. This Aqueduct Clear Glass Table from CB2 is currently on sale for $450 off the original price! Not to mention, it can be enjoyed both outdoors and inside:

Thinking outside of the box will get you far when it comes to end-of-season sales. As mentioned, you can easily get creative with outdoor pieces and integrate them into your interior. Then you can enjoy them all year long! Anthropologie’s Calo Indoor/Outdoor Side Table looks just as good in your living room as it does on your patio.

 sometimes the deals are massive. Check out Anthropologie’s Brass Parabola Dining Table, which is currently on sale for $1099.95, a huge reduction from its original $3298.00 price tag!

In addition, many home decor items on clearance are simply being sold off to make room for more stock, even if they aren’t particularly seasonal. The result: amazing deals on items you can enjoy right away! [Wool Diamond Mina Chair from Anthropologie]

Also be on the lookout for special deals such as free shipping or free furniture delivery (holiday weekends such as Labor Day weekend are prime time for these incentives). There may also be sales such as 25-50% off all home decor items, or 2 for $20, etc. It doesn’t hurt to have wish lists of items from your favorite retailers so you can hit the ground running when the sale begins. [2 for $8 marble pots from Urban Outfitters]

It also makes sense to track the sale patterns for your favorite brands. While you don’t want to wait too long to grab an item that may soon be out of stock, waiting a little bit can mean taking advantage of further price reductions. For example, a patio chair that’s 25% off now may be 50% off in a couple of weeks. [pink patio chairs from CB2]

Shop in Advance

While finding items on sale that you can use right away is a bonus, it never hurts to shop ahead. End-of-summer sales are a great time to stock up on future birthday gifts, as well as holiday presents. Why not start shopping while the prices are reduced?! [white planter from CB2]

Do you have a gift closet? Keep it well stocked with items that are marked down yet wonderfully on trend. Simple forms and soothing colors are universally appealing. No wonder CB2’s Cue Blue Green Bud Vase caught our eye. We’re set to order multiples when the next free shipping weekend is announced!

Don’t forget to stock up for next year’s holidays and occasions. For some, this is what day-after-Christmas sales are for. Yet there are brands that offer their holiday stock at reduced prices all year long. If you’re burned out on the holidays when January 2nd rolls around, don’t fret. You can have your own little Christmas in July and order ornaments like the one below:

Tips and Tricks

Now that you’re in the bargain shopping mood, check out these tips for making the most of sale season. For starters, make your list and check it twice. By knowing exactly what you’re hoping to score on sale, you can quickly search for it online or scoop it up from the store when the sale is announced. [patio umbrellas from CB2]

Not to mention, making a list ahead of time will give you some space to reflect on whether or not the purchase is a must-have. If you’re still interested weeks or months later, you’ll have more confidence in your decision when it’s time to make the purchase, especially when it comes to larger items. [waterfall table from Anthropologie]

One other budget-friendly tip: ask for gift cards to your favorite retailers when your birthday or the holidays roll around. Later on when your beloved brands announce a sale, you’ll have some gift card “cash” on hand. This way, you’ll be fully equipped to take advantage of the sale without feeling financially stretched. [ruffled bedding from Urban Outfitters]

It’s also helpful if you know when the sales are coming. This can be as simple as signing up for the email list and getting reminders in your inbox. If you know when a sale begins, you’ll have first pick at all of the marked-down loot! [Velvet Remi Dining Chairs from Anthropologie]

Last but not least, buy multiples and stock up. As mentioned above (gift closet, anyone?), getting a great deal on a fabulous item is something to celebrate. Purchasing one for you and three for friends is never a bad idea, especially if you and your nearest and dearest exchange gifts for occasions such as birthdays and holidays.  [bargain set of candles from Typo/Cotton On]

Now who’s ready to take advantage of a great sale?! Happy shopping!

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