There are a few homes where the walls end up stealing the spotlight and others where it is the majestic view outside that makes the biggest impact. Then there are apartments and urban residences where space-savvy design and detail leave you inspired. But it is not everyday that you come across a home that is filled with amazing array of custom décor pieces, iconic furniture tat stands the test of time and inimitable art creations made by international masters. That is why, we are so very exited to step into the gorgeous and inimitable Loft of the Collector in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil. Designed by TRPC Arquitectos, the interior of this apartments feels more like a sophisticated art gallery!

Living room of the stunning home displays stunning collection of art pieces by various international artists

Inside the 60 square meter apartment, the design plan is kept simple with an open living area, small single-wall kitchen on one side and the bedroom on the other. A dining area with formal appeal sits at the heart of it all and can be used in more ways than one. The backdrop is both rich and neutral with white and concrete finishes being combined with a Coral Velvet effect that uses different hues. But more importantly, it is pieces like Palência Coffee Table by Víctor Angueira, Bo armchair by Giacomo Tomazzi and Frei Egídio chair by Lina Bo Bardi that end up stealing the spotlight in here.

Shelf with modern industrial design and a series of books and decorative pieces on it
Valet Hans Wegner chair sits next to the bed inside the small and space-conscious bedroom
Neutral backdrop coupled with greenery gives the home a fabulous setting to display gorgeous art pieces
Revamped floor plan creates an open living area with kitchen on one side and the bedroom on the other

No matter where you turn you will find a =n amazing work of art or a furniture piece that is iconic in more ways than one. Even in the tiny bedroom with deep green walls and dark gray textiles, thereis place for Valet Hans Wegner chair right next to the bed! Greenery outside and a polished ambiance achieved through curated lighting complete this modern Brazilian masterpiece. [Photography: Adalberto Vilela]

LED strip lights under the counter add glow to the backsplash in stone
Beautiful and space-savvy single wall kitchen with a glossy and colorful backsplash
Bo armchair by Giacomo Tomazzi in the living room feels polished and majestic
Deep dark green is combined with gray to create a sophisticated modern bedroom that feels wow!

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