A weekend house is luxury that we all long for; much like a holiday house that takes away from the constant rush of city life. Built in the early 1900’s, the Permanent Weekend House designed by Comte-Meuwly was initially on the outskirts of Geneva before the spreading city engulfed it down the years. Today, the neighborhood is much busier and yet in its latest avatar, the weekend house aims to recapture much of its traditional charm. The garden and the world outside is the central focus of the design here with the outdoors finding their way into the house itself.

Long and narrow interior of the Permanent Weekend House with ample natural light

With a modern makeover, the new structure feels anything but aged as a white interior shapes its open living area. A series of windows and doors connects the house with the curated garden outside at all times. This also brings in ample natural light and ensures that there are absolutely no dull corner anywhere. The atmosphere here is much like a vacation home and décor is kept down to a bare minimum. A dark bookshelf and fireplace in black anchors the spacious, open living area while the kitchen snugly sits in the corner.

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Innovative new design of the house unites it with the garden outside
Lighting and garden add to the appeal of the weekend house
Modern makeover to bourgeois style chalet in Geneva
Sliding doors and smart design combine privacy with smart garden views

The idea of bringing back peacefulness and outdoorsy charm to the weekend house has been largely successful and the garden around the house adds another layer of privacy. It is a renovation that succeeds by keeping things as simple and minimal as possible at every turn!

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Uncomplicated and elegant new design of the Permanent Weekend House
White and neutral bathroom of the home with connectivity to the garden
Garden becomes a part of the interior thanks to series of doors and windows
Design plan of The Permanent Weekend House

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