Any store that you look it makes an impression on you – sometimes in a positive manner and sometimes in the negative. Most importantly, a new tore needs to reflect the image of the brand it represents and showcases. It is all about finding that right balance between aesthetics and ergonomics even while ensuring there is proper visibility. The Loja Wentz Store designed by Felipe Hess Arquitetos has all that and a whole lot more with a polished white interior that perfectly showcases the best products of this concept store along with an ambiance that leaves you captivated.

Street facade and entrance of the modern Wentz store in Brazil

The new Sao Paulo concept store sits in a building that was once a two-story residential unit and the transformation is both practical and beautiful. An even layer of recessed lighting along with pendant lights welcomes you inside the store while and all-white, monochromatic backdrop ensures that every décor piece inside is perfectly highlighted. Each spaces feels special with a sleek staircase leading to the upper level and the mezzanine floor. A hint of greenery and gorgeous drapes complete this exclusive Brazilian outlet in an urbane neighborhood. [Photography: Fran Parente]

Entrance to the modern, revamped concept store Loja Wentz
Fabulous new Concept store for the designer Guilherme Wentz in Sao Paulo
Finding the right space inside the store to showcase the best decor collection
Greenery adds color to the neutral, monochromatic backdrop of the store in white
Lighting and decor collection inside the polished Loja Wentz store

The store was built with the usage of few neutral coverings: hydraulic floor tiles at the facade, cement-based grouting for the floor, composition between textured and smooth walls to enhance volumetries. The lightning is diffuse, but also lights out the display spots in the store. The landscaping focuses on the essence that Wentz has: tropicality.

Lighting and white backdrop create a curated store interior
Loja Wentz Store designed by Felipe Hess Arquitetos
Protected and curated entrance of the store with its name and a monochromatic backdrop
Staircase in white leading to the upper level of the store with smart lighting
Curated interior of the concept store in Brazil showcases the best decor of Loja Wentz

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