Prefabricated wooden cabins bring with them a host of advantages for those searching for simpler, eco-friendly and cheaper housing options. Allowing you to live off the grid while encouraging a green lifestyle, the H- Eva Cabin designed by A6A in France is a transportable prefab that can be placed without disturbing the landscape it sits in. This leaves minimal carbon footprint and with additional planet-friendly features like photovoltaic panels and energy-saving appliances, you can take this comfy and space-savvy cabin to a whole new level. The idea here was to combine modern ergonomics with classic design to offer the best of both worlds and it is safe to say that the cabin succeeds in this regard.

H- Eva Cabin in France allows you to connect with nature

Locally sourced wood has been used for this clever cabin where a small kitchen, bunk beds and a smart dining area save ample space. While lighter tones of wood take over on the inside, it is burned Douglas cladding boards on the exterior that give it a vernacular presence. This also helps keep the insects out in an organic fashion and a couple of large glass windows offer visual connectivity with the outdoors. A smart, sustainable and space-savvy cabin that does all it can to help you once again reconnect with nature in a pollution-free manner! [Photography: Agnès Clotis]

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Dark wooden exterior of the cabin allows it to blend in with the backdrop
Glass openings bring in ample light with ease
Glass sections of the cabin connect the interior with the landscape
Kitchen and dining area of the cabin
Lighter tones of wood shape the interior of the cabin
Lighting inside the cabin complements natural lighting
Smart bunk bed design inside the prefab cabin

Its dimensions adapt to the road jigs. Depending on the use and the field, three widths are proposed, 2.50m, 3m and 3.50m. The modules can vary in length from 8 to 9 or 12 m, for an interior surface ranging from 16 to 38 m2. The maximum height is 3.40m. Elements can connect to each other to form larger sets. H-eva offers autonomy at different scales. To warm, to light, to bathe, those needs of every day of which one forgets the hidden complexity.

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Smart wooden cabin can be moved around with ease
Bunk beds inside the cabin offer ample sleeping space
Contrast with light and dark wood elements shapes the lovely cabin
Space-savvy transportable prefab cabin in wood
Burned Douglas cladding boards keep away insects

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