We often see homes where two or three different decorating styles are carefully and cleverly mixed with one another even while creating a lovely, modern ambiance. But the Chiang Mai Residence and Studio in Thailand takes a different approach with the various sections of the house separated from one another to create a lovely central courtyard and a series of walkways. The beautiful home designed by Neil Logan Architect uses a common style and materiality to link the three separate buildings that make it up with covered walkways and woodsy elevated platforms linking one area with the next.

Central courtyard filled with greenery creates a natural connection between the different units

The residence was built on a lot with plenty of vegetation and to ensure that much of the existing greenery was left untouched, the building plan divided the home into three distinct units. The main unit contains the living area long with the kitchen and dining. A second building houses the bathrooms and the bedrooms with the third acting as a spacious and versatile home studio and play area for kids. Precast concrete blocks, and tiles paint the picture inside with wood being used for the series of raised platforms to combine a sense of minimalism with inviting warmth and a serene Asian style.

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Colorful and open interior of the modern Thai home with a series of courtyards
Gorgeous and cozy kitchen with a woodsy backdrop and transitional style
Minimal Asian style bedroom with green walls and a woodsy platform bed
Custom green tiles on the wall add ro the Asian style of the interior
Studio and kids’ play area of the home in Thailand with double height ceiling and sweeping glass windows
Concrete and tiles bring minimalism to the modern bathroom

Ceramic and terrazzo finishes also give the home plenty of textural contrast with the warm and traditional kitchen becoming the heart and soul of this Asian residence. The living area also uses color in a sophisticated manner with green walls and a neutral backdrop creating a picture-perfect setting. [Photography: Jason Schmidt]

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Entrance and a series of courtyards filled with greenery add to the appeal of the house
An elevated deck and covered walkways connect different rooms of the house
Existing greenery on the lot was carefully preserved to create a lovely, private setting

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