Kitchen office is an idea that is quickly catching on in a world where bringing work home is all too easy. Best kitchen workspaces and home offices allow you to work in peace even as you keep an eye on little ones around. There is also the added advantage of saving-space in a home where every square inch matters immensely. In tiny homes, the kitchen office is a clever space-saver that can be easily incorporated without major makeovers. And your kitchen cabinets can provide additional storage options as well.

Gorgeous kitchen of Tel Aviv apartment with glass box home office next to it [From: Davidie Rozin Architects]

The best kitchen office spaces are ones that work with the existing theme and style of your home. With open plan living areas becoming the norm, there is plenty of space for the tiny workstation in the kitchen that serves all your home office needs. Of course, some might prefer a work area that is modest and minimal while others need a home office that is dedicated and serves you well for 8 hours each day. In here are 20 inspirations that offer something for everyone; a perfect way tp blend work and personal life –

Maximizing Corners in the Kitchen

The easiest way to add a home workstation in the kitchen is by tapping into the power of those unused corners that have been neglected for far too long. All you need here is a simple bench or desk along with a smart chair to create this ergonomic workstation that is a perfect, tiny home office. If you are not too keen on adding an exclusive desk and chair, an extension of one of the kitchen countertops along with a bar stool will do just fine. If you have a few floating shelves or wall-mounted cabinets above, then all is set.

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Sleek and stylish contemporary kitchen in white with smart little work nook next to it [From: Palmerston Design Consultants]
Spacious kitchen with wooden cabinets and an ergonomic home office
Tiny kitchen with workstation that is uber-easy to create
Clearing a simple corner counter in the kitchen frees up space for a functional office setting [From: home blog zone]
Corner home office and kids’ study in the kitchen saves ample space while making life easier [From: Osborne Construction]

Space-Savvy Kitchen Workstations

One idea that we absolutely love is that of a home office in a kitchen closet that can be simply closed away when not in use. If you have an empty wall section or even a closet that is being unused in the kitchen then turning it into a workstation takes very little effort. Of course, you need to take care of lighting here and adding a pendant fixture or table lamp will complete a smart setting that will serve you in more ways than one. If you have kids around, this same area can be used as a kitchen study zone with different seating options.

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Kitchen and office in the rear of the house connected with the backdrop [From: Paul Davis Architects]
Open kitchen layout with small home office in the closet
Turning the cabinet into kitchen into a space-savvy office station
Yellow accents add color to the home office in the kitchen that is efficient and organized [From: Fireclay Tile]
A blend of office and kitchen saves space in the modern home with ease
Beach style kitchen with tiny home office
Contemporary kitchen in white with a smart workstation in the corner

Smart Cabinets and Storage Options

If a slim countertop in the kitchen hosts your small home office, then the cabinets above with slight modifications should be sufficient as office storage. If you need additional shelf space, a standalone unit in wood and metal is a trend that you can borrow from with ease. Combining the office cabinets and shelves with those in the kitchen in an aesthetic fashion gives you a more curated setting. This also leaves the style of the kitchen and the color palette unaltered.

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Pantry of the kitchen sits next to the smart and simple home workspace
Shaping the office in the modern kitchen with a simple counter and chair is all too easy [From: Todd Davis Architecture]
Small kitchenette design plan mixed with the idea of a spacious home office
Transitional kitchen and home office rolled into one
Wooden custom unit creates a smart workstation in the modern kitchen
Home office in the kitchen with a smart chalkboard section to write down everything you need [From: Amoroso Design]
Hallway next to the kitchen turned into a lovely home office

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