Fall is here and with it, the colors outside are changing from green and blue to orange and gray. Things are starting to move towards the inevitable festive mood that starts in the second half of the season and stays with us deep into winter each year. But with the arrival of fall, we also have fall trends to worry about! And as always, this year brings with it a few design and decorating ideas that are unique and some that have been around for a while. Having already flipped through 30 such lovely inspirations that help shape every room of your house for the season ahead, today we decided to focus on the kitchen alone.

Modern beach style kitchen in white and navy blue [From: Alison Kandler Interior Design]

The fall kitchen trends that we highlighted today largely focus on color and aesthetics and we have not really delved into the functionality aspect. We figured we would share that with our avid readers sometime in the next few days; we do not wish to overwhelm you with too much at the same time. For now, it is a matter of style and visual appeal that concerns us the most. From the hottest kitchen colors for fall 2018 to a style that adds character to the modern kitchen, this is a collection that is varied, dashing and just plain beautiful –

Warmth of Modern Rustic

If there is one kitchen style that we have seen taking the decorating world by surprise in the last few months then it is undoubtedly modern rustic. A fusion of modern functionality and rustic overtones that still allow the neutral backdrop to remain undisturbed, this is a style that demands balance, precision and a sense of coziness that homeowners seem to crave. Exposed wooden beams, distressed cabinet doors, metallic pendants with industrial chic vibe and antique dish racks that give the kitchen a timeless appeal; there are many different ways in which you can create your own modern rustic kitchen.

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Custom wooden finish for the kitchen island gives it that rustic appeal [From: Pillar & Peacock]
Smart balance between rustic and modern styles in the kitchen

But no matter the path you take, rest assured that presence of wood is an absolute must in here. This is a kitchen that will serve you well beyond fall and will look equally amazing during the cold winter months. Time to embrace the cabin-inspired look!

Wooden beams add visual and textural beauty to the modern rustic kitchen in white [From: Aaron Commercial Photographer]
Add rustic vibe to the kitchen with distressed finishes and textural charm [From: Ginny Capo]
Combing modern ergonomics with rustic elegance in the kitchen

Try Out Navy Blue

Yes, we get why you are perplexed with the idea. Navy blue is a color that is generally reserved for the warmer summer months. It is a color that is most often used in beach and coastal style kitchens. But it is also a color that is making a big splash both in the world of fashion and interior design in fall 2018. And the kitchen is no exception. Combining it with white is all too easy and if you are not sure how it would feel in the colder months ahead, start out small with bar stools or accessories in navy blue before committing to it on a larger scale. You can rest assured that this is a color that is both timeless and trendy!

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Fabulous industrial chic kitchen with navy blue island and custom pendants [From: deVOL Kitchens]
Use decor to add navy blue to the kitchen this fall
White and navy blue hand-painted kitchen is both smart and classic [From: Wrights Design House]
Bright navy blue is one of the hottest colors of the season [From: The Countertop Store]
Exquisite kitchen island in navy blue for the bright, contemporary kitchen [From: Diane James Home / William Cole Photography]

Brightness of Brass

If the idea of moving away from orange and embracing navy blue in fall feels far too alien, then the presence of brass in the fall kitchen is one that is far more organic. As the natural light fades outside and days get darker in the second half of the year, brass cabinet handles, kitchen fixtures, pendant lights and accessories will brighten the kitchen significantly. You need not undertake a major paintjob or renovation to make this change in the kitchen and the result is simply spellbinding. We do suggest though that you keep the backdrop as neutral as possible for the best visual impact.

A neutral backdrop allows the brass additions to shine through even more! [From: Boswell Construction]
Acrylic and brass steals the show here [From: Boss Design Center]
Brass is an easy way to add sparkle to the elegant modern kitchen [From: Billy Kien Designs]
Brass kitchen fixtures, handles and lights add glitter to the gray and white kitchen [From: Elizabeth Lawson Design / Jennifer Hughes Photography]
Brushed antique English brass cup handles for the dark blue kitchen cabinets

A Modern Classic: Gray

We know the look on your face, but the truth is undeniable; gray is once again the top neutral for the season and since most of us already have used the color in the kitchen, sticking to it makes our life that much more easier. But give the already gray and white kitchen a fun upgrade this fall with a tone-on-tone approach and add brass fixtures and navy blue accents to create a stunning blend of the best fall trends.

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Let concrete add gray to the kitchen in an understated fashion
Modern attic kitchen in white with gray cabinets
Using gray and white in the small kitchen
Charcoal gray is a color that works well across seasons and styles

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