How would you like a second home in the backyard that was once a busy barn and is currently in a forgotten, old state? It might sound like a hectic task, but it is one that La Firme pulled off with plenty of panache as The Barn stands tall with its imposing exterior and a modern interior combined ever so diligently. In its modern avatar, the Barn has many of its original traits still constantly intact while on the inside, its spacious 30-foot living area brings a sense of grand spaciousness that is just unmistakable. Wood and modern finishes find space next to one another with ease even as the original framework was carefully reinstalled.

Beautiful 100-year old barn in Quebec transformed into a modern home

The area that once housed the livestock is now the central living zone with the kitchen and dining area sitting snugly next to it. A series of glass windows open up the interior to the world outside and usher in a flood of natural light. Light green cabinets in the kitchen along with floating shelves in the backdrop and blue pendant lights combine to create a lovely and cool kitchen area. Exposed wooden beams that offer structural support in every room also bring textural contrast and visually link one space with the next. A dark fireplace anchors this otherwise neutral area beautifully, a concept that has been adopted in the bedroom as well.

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Vernacular design of the home has been preserved and enhanced
View of the dining area and the living space from above
Wooden beams and staircase give the interior warmth and style
30-foot high ceilings of the house make a big impact in the dining room and kitchen
Beautiful farmhouse style kitchen with floating white shelves, light green cabinets and blue pendant lights
Bedroom in white feels both modern and rustic at the same time

The play room with a pool table is another smart feature of the house that you just cannot miss while the bedrooms and bathrooms are neatly tucked away and offer ample privacy. Exquisite, functional and still embracing vernacular design, this is a barn house that you just cannot miss! [Photography: Ulysse Lemerise Bouchard]

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Look at the gorgeous kitchen in white with wooden beams all around
Modern barn home with spacious interior in white with ample natural light
Original structure of the barn has been preserved and enhanced to create a fabulous home
Pool area next to the house creates a cool gathering spot
Renovated old barn in Quebec turned into a cool modern home
Upper level of the barn home houses the bedroom and the bathroom
Design plan of the The Barn in Quebec

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