Twisted House is a minimal residence located in Anzano del Parco, Italy, designed by LAST Stefano Larotonda. Noted for its characteristic pure shapes, a singular cohesive structure, and materials reminiscent of its time, this villa recently underwent a transformative renovation to meet the contemporary demands of urban living. The task at hand involved adapting the structure into distinct apartment units and enhancing its energy efficiency. As part of this transformation, architects played with the building’s facade, subtly altering the balance between solid structures and empty spaces. This exercise aimed to accentuate the villa’s inherent volumetric power and instill a sense of movement across its floors. Inside, the newly minted design carves out two fresh apartment spaces.

Strategic planning ensures the living areas of these apartments offer residents breathtaking views of the prealpine lakes. Conversely, the more private quarters, like bedrooms, enjoy serene vistas of the villa’s lush gardens. A restrained color palette defines this renovation. Drawing inspiration from the villa’s surroundings, only dark green and grey were chosen. The deep green cloaks the exteriors, allowing the building to harmoniously blend with its verdant backdrop. The grey, enriched by a textured plaster, brings out the architectural nuances, underlining the areas where volumes have been carved out or subtracted. A highlight of this project rests atop the villa—a terrace overlooking the pristine Alserio Lake. However, its artistic elements are kept exclusive, to be cherished solely by the villa’s inhabitants, making it a private experience.

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