Summer at this Swedish pool villa?

Not far from Kivik, a summer paradise on Sweden’s Southeast coast, you’ll find the picturesque village of Södra Mellby – not far from where Nora and Laura of Our Food Stories used to have their charming summer house. It’s well worth a visit by bike – but for those of you who fall in love, you might want to think about snapping up this villa!
The two-bedroom open-plan villa has clearly been revamped by someone with a keen eye for design – and has absolutely everything you might need to rock about in style all summer! I for one, would be perfectly happily flitting between the white linen sofa, to coffee at the rustic table, followed by an afternoon siesta on the daybed (curtains can be pulled across at night to form a bedroom). But on days like today (the sun is shining in South Sweden!), the pool and outdoor kitchen are surely where the action is! 
Note the magnificent ceiling height and the blend of natural materials from concrete and wood to linen and wool – which add so much texture! Ready to dream? 
The villa is laid out over two floors with a bedroom on each. Sometimes it can be hard to gauge the configuration so I’ve shared the plan below. There is also a separate dwelling with a further bedroom. 

Sovrum – bedroom, kök – kitchen, vardagsrum – living room. 

Could you imagine living here? 

One to share with Per I think, I can already see him setting up the barbecue and our Friday night drinks around the pool! 

Would you like to see a few other pool villas today? It would be rude not too with the lovely weather we have in Scandinavia right now! Here are a few of my favourites: 

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Photography courtesy of Erik Olsson, with thanks. 

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