The house located on Madrone Ridge in the sunny Sonoma Valley region of California is truly impressive in the way its architecture harmoniously merges with the surrounding nature. The valleys of this location are graced with the vital presence of Madrone Ridge Creek, which nurtures all the plant and animal life in the region. This house, designed by the renowned Field Architecture, was conceived to deepen the connection of the owners with the land and the surrounding nature.

Inspired by an experience in Africa, the owners sought to recreate the sensation of cohabiting with the plants and animals on this property. And the result is truly remarkable. Instead of adhering to conventional architectural patterns, the architects looked to the surrounding nature, the wild areas that envelop the house, and allowed the structures to adapt to the natural terrain. This resulted in a modern and geometric house that seamlessly integrates with the mature trees and lush landscape.

The house consists of three pavilions that offer breathtaking views of the mature trees and distant mountains. These pavilions are connected by glass-enclosed passageways, creating a sense of open space and a perfect fusion between the interior and exterior. The choice of copper cladding on the exterior walls gives the house a distinctive character that gradually melds into the landscape over time.

The house’s design takes into consideration the natural rhythms, with openings that allow sunlight and breezes to penetrate the interior spaces. On warm days, one can enjoy a sense of continuity between the inside and outside, thanks to sliding glass doors. And on rainy days, carefully designed gutters direct rainwater into large basins filled with stones, creating a charming visual spectacle.

The relationship between the house and nature is accentuated by the choice of materials, such as using the same stone for the pavilion floors and the walkways leading to the house, organically connecting it to the natural setting. Additionally, the copper skin of the house harmonizes with the madrone trees that dot the property.


Title: Madrone Ridge House
Architects: Field Architecture
Location: Condado de Sonoma, California, United States
Project Year: 2021
Photographs: Joe Fletcher
Area: 4920.0 ft2

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