Smart ideas for Small Spaces in a Stockholm Flat

A friend of mine recently transformed a tiny outhouse into a living space and asked me about small dining space solutions. I’ve been on the lookout ever since! And this Stockholm apartment popped up just at the right time – who wouldn’t like to enjoy a morning coffee by the window? And then, as I took the tour, I discovered more exciting features which help to make a small space (50 sqm 540 f2) fabulous and practical. Keep a look out for clever tricks such as the use of mirrors, raised beds with storage underneath and a hidden washer-dryer. Välkommen! 
A small table, bench and chair tucked into the corner are all that’s needed to carve out a quiet spot for breakfast! 

Carefully placed mirrors can brighten up a darker space and visually enlarged a room. 

A dining table by the window in the sitting room serves as a work and more formal dining space. 

Using the full height of the room is important in small spaces. This wooden shelving system provides open and closed storage. 

In a small space, it’s important to keep the home as clutter-free as possible. Hiding appliances such as washers and dryers can help to keep the space looking clean and serene! Plus no one can see your smalls spinning away when they stop by for a visit. Major bonus! 

A raised bed makes way for an entire under-the-bed storage system. 

Loved some of these ideas. And the kitchen too – such a beautiful design! 
Is there anything that stood out to you? 
The sun has returned here after a very stormy week on the west coast, so I’m very keen to head out and enjoy it while it lasts. Plus, I have two girls here waiting to go for a morning dip! 
I hope the sun is shining where you are today and that you have a fabulous weekend!
I’ll be back on Monday with a very exciting ‘before and after’ tour, see you then! 
Photos: Jockeono Studio
Styling: Studio Rydman
For: Historiska Hem

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