1. Nike + Adidas Shoe Boom Boxes by cutonce

Are you team checks or stripes? When it comes to these boom boxes, I can’t decide because they’re both equally so good! I came across @cutonceobjects a while back on Instagram and I think they make the coolest items! While I don’t believe I’m “hip” enough to own one of these, I can only imagine it would be such a conversation piece among my friends if it were to ever grace my entertainment space. (They also made an incredible Rolex wall clock that I’m in awe of!)

As cooler weather approaches, so does the rain, and I’ve been on the hunt to replace my very old umbrella. At the top of my list is Para Para’s animated umbrellas because they are so fun and playful! I especially love their new artist series with renowned illustrator Malika Favre and Erchen Chang, the Creative Director of the iconic BAO restaurants. The childlike act of spinning my umbrella in the rain has become a longstanding habit of mine, and these animating umbrellas give a new surprising element to it! I know if I saw these walking around the street, they’d definitely spark my curiosity and bring a smile to my face.

Inside of Colourscape Music Festival, 3 musicans playing instruments in a colorful chamber

If I ever visit London, I’ll be planning my trip solely around the Colourscape Music Festival – and I’ll probably spend the whole day there. This immersive experience intertwines music with color and light, which is right up my alley of interest. What’s neat is each Colourscape has a different quality and function. As you navigate through the interconnected chambers, you’ll discover an entirely new perspective on the intensity and subtlety of color along with different musicians sprinkled throughout to make the experience even more magical. Unfortunately, this year’s event has already passed, but I’ll be keeping my eye out for the next one.

Material Kitchen Resting Stone in Glaze holding some jewelry

Material Kitchen Resting Stone in Cocoa holding a spoon, surrounded by coffee in a cup, sugar, and a coffee press

Material’s second drop for their ‘Object Collection’ are these versatile Resting Stones and they come in 3 beautiful sea glass colors! Designed to be displayed and to elevate your daily rituals, they’re perfect as a jewelry catch-all or to simply sit on your countertop as a decor piece. With the holiday season coming up, they’d make for a great gift since they are so many different uses for them. They come in sets of 2, so you can gift it by the set or split them up into two!

happihuman candles poured into Lulu Pots handmade ceramics

Various Lulu Pots ceramics with purple flowers inside

5. Lulu Pots x happihuman

Fun fact: I love entering giveaways on Instagram and I love winning them even more! It’s such a great way to discover new products while supporting the businesses hosting them. A few months ago, I won a collaboration giveaway by Lulu Pots and happihuman and I was so excited. I love that happihuman candles are made from high-quality, eco-friendly materials, and they use a wooden wick, which produces less smoke. Plus, it creates the most comforting, homey feeling when you hear its subtle crackling — it’s like sitting by a fireplace! For this collab, the candles were poured into Lulu Pots’ handmade ceramics, with each one featuring its own unique folds and curves. Since then, I’ve continued following Lulu Pots’ journey and I’ve loved seeing all of her creations. She’s developed her own signature in ceramics and it’s been really cool to see!

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