A frame house interior

Decorilla A-frame house interior design

Are you ready for a fresh burst of design inspiration? Then, immerse yourself in the unique beauty of this A-frame house interior design. Using its distinct angular framework and soaring ceilings as a guiding light, the designer established a perfect balance between rustic simplicity and modern elegance. Join us as we reveal the design strategy and more!

The Challenge: A-Frame House Interior Design in Japandi Style

A recent Decorilla client was transitioning from nomadic living to homeownership in a beautiful setting. After an adventurous year, they finally settled down and purchased a dream home. But then they faced another exciting challenge: a stylish makeover of their great living area. A nomadic lifestyle also implied possessing no or minimal furniture; so they asked for a professional designer who could:

  • Source furnishing and decor to both complement and transcend the A-frame interior’s unique charm
  • Help them navigate the ideal style direction for their living and dining space
  • Conceive a stunning A-frame cabin interior design in line with the house’s architecture
  • Make the space feel calm and harmonious with the environment and nature in general

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Japandi A-Frame Interior Design Inspiration

A-frame house interior inspiration board

The client’s inspirational gallery embraced the whole world of diverse eclectic and contemporary rustic design elements, all suited for A-frame cabin interiors. Beyond functionality, it was a feast for all senses, where simplicity met sophistication. These small A-frame house interiors thrived on natural materials, neutral color schemes, earthy tones, and minimalist yet elegant furnishing. Every corner exuded warmth and tranquility that comes with life in harmony with nature. 

Small A-Frame House Interior Ideas & Moodboard

A-frame house interior by Decorilla

A-frame house interior by Decorilla

When the client chose to partner with Decorilla, they expected nothing less than a seamless experience. And from a fun design questionnaire to a complimentary consultation, the team delivered.

Equipped with valuable insights, two exceptional interior designers devised their creative A-frame house moodboards. Choosing between them was no easy task, but finally, Erika F.‘s refined concept captured the client’s heart.

A-frame house interior design in Japandi style, moodboard by Decorilla

A-frame house interior design in Japandi style, moodboard by Decorilla

Erika’s creation stemmed from the idea of living in an A-frame cabin surrounded by nature and all its beauty. The desire to bring natural charm into the client’s living space was all over her moodboard, blending modern, eclectic, and Japandi interior design styles. The organic textures and earthy colors promised to bring the outdoors in, easily translating its features into a stylish interior. Meanwhile, the fusion of Japanese minimalism and Scandinavian hygge conveyed a calming, balanced atmosphere that complements the A-frame interior’s surroundings. 

A-Frame House Interior Design Results

A-frame house interior design by Decorilla

A-frame house interior design by Decorilla

Using the creative moodboard as a starting point, Erika worked with the client to achieve a genuinely stunning A-frame house interior design. A few rounds of consultation brought some minor changes to the initial concept. As a result, bright beige and deep moss green switched places between the rug and the sofa, turning the entire conversation area into a focal point. 

Two modern beige poufs ensure plenty of comfy seating while still forming an intimate space. A fireplace complemented with a bookshelf also adds to the overall cozy vibe as a notable design element.

Small A-frame house interior design in Japandi style by Decorilla

Small A-frame house interior design in Japandi style by Decorilla

With a focus on functional yet aesthetically pleasing features, this open-concept living area nods to both Japandi interior design and modern organic lifestyle. Moreover, it merges them effortlessly with the ascendant architecture of the A-frame cabin. The zoning is clear and serviceable, with a conversational area on one side and dining space on another. 

Small A-frame house interior design by Decorilla

Small A-frame house interior design by Decorilla

Glancing around the open-concept room, one can’t miss the extensive dining set. The eight-chair table promises an enjoyable dining experience for residents and visitors alike. At the same time, the setup perfectly blends into the overall Japandi-style A-frame cabin interior’s theme. The curved chandelier complements and softens the design, while the eclectic rug and potted plants add an extra layer of organic personality to the space. 

How the Designer Transformed the A-Frame House Interior

A-frame interior design in Japandi style by Decorilla, before (left) and after (right)

A-frame interior design in Japandi style by Decorilla, before and after

Perfectly scaled, the new furnishing not only complements the A-frame house architecture but also feels grounded and harmonious. The earthy scheme speaks to those who love Japandi interior design’s serenity while seamlessly connecting the cabin interior with its surroundings.

A-frame interior before (left) and after (right) design by Decorilla

A-frame interior before and after design by Decorilla

In line with the client’s wishes, the designer replaced the classic mountain-style stone hearth with its more contemporary equivalent. In addition, the lighting scheme was updated with several fixtures, from floor lamps to lanterns, ensuring an ultimately cozy ambiance.  

A-Frame House Interior Design Shopping List 

A-frame house interior design shopping list by Decorilla

A-frame house interior design shopping list by Decorilla

The client enjoyed the ultimate interior design experience that comes with Decorilla and its services that go above and beyond. Before creating a fully customized dining room and thoughtfully designed living room, the designer provided 3d visualizations, allowing a realistic insight into their solutions. To maximize the benefits, the interior design shopping list comprised all elements necessary to assemble a small A-frame house interior, complete with exclusive trade discounts. And finally, a complementary concierge service took the legwork out of ordering and delivery by handling all the details for the homeowner. 

Top Picks for A-Frame Cabin Interiors in Japandi Style

Imagine the power to completely transform any room just by selecting a few key pieces. Are you ready to embark on a journey of design and style? Then check out our hand-picked selection of exquisite furnishings:

Top picks for A-frame interior design

  1. Area Rug
  2. Floor Lamp
  3. Framed Art
  4. Tweed Sofa
  5. Wooden Bookshelf
  6. Tweed Armchair
  7. Coffee Table

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