Coastal Home with a Modern Lanai Design

Coastal Home with a Modern Lanai Design by Decorilla

Love the allure of coastal interiors? One recent client wanted seaside chic to flow from her interior to her modern outdoor lanai design. So she started a project with Decorilla to make her ideal space a reality. Read on to discover the transformation of an ordinary home into a breathtaking oasis!

The Challenge: Modern Lanai Design

The client wanted their newly built home feel tranquil and soothing. The structure had great bones, boasting a large outdoor lanai with a pool and integrated spa. But, they need help to create a comfortable, relaxed interior and matching exterior. In addition to the modern outdoor lanai design, the project involved a coastal home interior design, namely an open-concept living room and bedroom. In short, the right designer needed to:

  • Conceive a warm, relaxing coastal home design with a style that makes a potent visual impact
  • Add textural elements to some walls
  • Incorporate build-ins, and use a tray ceiling feature to spruce up and tie the entire space together 
  • Include a mix of quality pieces and budget-friendly items
  • Compose a simple, modern outdoor lanai design that feels like a natural extension of the interior
  • Avoid allergy-inducing fabrics, but still make a durable and maintenance-friendly choice
  • Stick to the clean, crisp look with neat lines

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Inspiration for Modern Outdoor Lanai Designs

Coastal home interior and lanai design inspiration board

The client’s image gallery was curated to provide interior designers with a clear insight into their ideal. This collection showcased a diverse range of lanai design examples that beautifully captured the essence of coastal living. The emphasis on specific decor elements was evident throughout, as each image highlighted contemporary touches that complement the timeless appeal of beach interior design. The color scheme was also inspired by the natural beauty of the coast, including soothing blues, sandy neutrals, and crisp whites.

Moodboard of Coastal Home Plans & Lanai Porch Design

Modern coastal cottage design with a simple lanai by Decorilla

Simple lanai in a modern coastal cottage design by Decorilla

The images in the inspiration gallery rendered a precise visual roadmap to understand the client’s concept. Moreover, Decorilla’s interactive questionnaire promoted effective communication with the team, allowing for clear emphasis on significant details about their lifestyle and habits. With all the necessary information at hand, two creatives with a flair for patio design created fully personalized proposals.

The client now faced the challenge of having to opt for the concept and designer they liked most. This presented a delightful but certainly not easy task, as both proposals exhibited exceptional creativity and expertise. Finally, the client picked Selma, who effortlessly ticked off all the boxes with her remarkable attention to detail and flawless taste.

Coastal home plans & design moodboard by Decorilla

Decorilla moodboard for coastal home plans

In summary, Selma’s coastal home plans and moodboard effortlessly combined elements of seaside living with modern sophistication. Its creamy neutral, white, and light blue color scheme promised an atmosphere of tranquility and relaxation. Plenty of wooden elements, soft tactile upholstery, textured rugs, and clean layouts all captured the essence of coastal cottage design in an inviting, elegant, and stylish manner.

Chic Coastal Home Interior Design Result

Coastal home design by Decorilla

Transitional coastal home design – Decorilla 3D rendering

The mesmerizing open-concept living room is a dreamy contemporary beachy oasis. Its coastal cottage design style blurs the lines between indoors and outdoors, perfectly capturing the essence of seaside living. With a color scheme inspired by the soothing hues of white, light blue, and natural light wood, this space radiates tranquility and relaxation.

Modern lanai design and a coastal cottage living room by Decorilla

Coastal cottage living room – Decorilla 3D rendering

The heart of this living area is adorned with a large white sectional that invites the residents to sink in and unwind. Surrounding it are carefully chosen armchairs and two poufs, mirroring the effortless coastal beauty of the adjacent lanai porch design.

Drawing the attention upwards, two tall built-in bookshelves flank a floating TV cabinet, establishing visual balance at the same time. These shelves not only serve as functional storage for favorite reads but also add an element of contemporary sophistication to the coastal home decor plans.

Modern coastal home interior design by Decorilla

Modern coastal home interior design – Decorilla 3D rendering

Gazing at the ceiling, captivatingly elegant beams accentuate the organic flair of this serene sanctuary. Their modern rustic appeal seamlessly blends with the overall coastal home design aesthetic while adding a significant touch of character.

Dining Room with an Elegant Coastal Home Design

Coastal cottage design style in a dining room by Decorilla

Coastal cottage design style in a dining room – Decorilla 3D rendering

The dining room of this open-concept living area effortlessly combines coastal home interior design elements in a more minimalist setup. It strikes the perfect balance between simplicity and elegance, creating an inviting space for both daily and formal meal gatherings. White upholstery and washed-out wood emphasize the dining set’s beachy character. Above the setting, a modern crystal chandelier adds a dash of subdued glam. 

Coastal Cottage Bedroom Design

Coastal home interior design of a bedroom, by Decorilla

Coastal home interior design of a bedroom- Decorilla 3D rendering

The client’s coastal home plans also involved the new look of the bedroom. Like the lanai porch and the rest of this serene and refreshing retreat, it captures the essence of beachside living. With a color scheme consisting of white, light blue, and natural light sandy tones, this bedroom exudes a sense of tranquility and calmness.

Coastal home design for a bedroom by Decorilla

Coastal home design for a bedroom – Decorilla 3D rendering

The room’s focal point is a sleek wooden canopy bed, set against a textured blue wall adding an elegant touch to the beachy design. At its foot sits a large, white, upholstered bench that promotes relaxation and also provides additional seating. Meanwhile, a carefully chosen textured rug complements the design, adding warmth to the room while further enhancing its coastal charm.

Bedroom in a coastal home designed by Decorilla

Bedroom in a coastal home – Decorilla 3D rendering

Continuing with the relaxing coastal theme, matching nightstands, wall shelves, and a drawer cabinet are coherently incorporated into the design. These pieces boast sleek lines and a strong organic wood pattern, harmoniously fusing nature-inspired spirit and modern aesthetics.

To maximize the airy flair and underline the coastal ambiance, a white armchair is strategically placed by the window. This allows for moments of peaceful contemplation and an escape from everyday life, all while enjoying breathtaking porch views.

Soothing & Simple Lanai Porch Design

Modern outdoor lanai design by Decorilla

Modern outdoor lanai design – Decorilla 3D rendering

This charming outdoor lanai design is simple and modern yet effortlessly cozy. It combines elements to convey an organic coastal air, inviting you to unwind and enjoy the beauty of nature.

All furniture in this modern lanai is carefully selected to enhance the overall aesthetic. The lightweight forms and natural light wood textures exude a sense of airiness, perfectly complementing the surrounding environment. 

Modern coastal home lanai interior design by Decorilla

Modern coastal home lanai interior design – Decorilla 3D rendering

A large sectional takes center stage in the main conversation area. Two armchairs and two poufs complement the angular sofa, offering generous seating options whilst entertaining. A coffee table and side table complete this outdoor oasis, providing convenient surfaces for drinks or snacks. 

Additionally, a dining set is thoughtfully incorporated into the outdoor kitchen zone for those who wish to enjoy relaxed meals al fresco. And to ensure comfort even during hot days or evenings, lanterns and ceiling fans are elegantly integrated into the lanai porch design. 

Outdoor lanai design by Decorilla

Outdoor lanai design – Decorilla 3D rendering

Light blue accents are strategically placed throughout each lounging zone, including a firepit with four sculptural, curvy chairs. Whether via decorative or functional elements, these details seamlessly blend in, adding a touch of coastal charm to the simple lanai porch design. In addition, subtle pops of color pull all elements together coherently, at the same time echoing the soothing hues of the swimming pool. 

Modern outdoor lanai designs by Decorilla

Modern outdoor lanai design – Decorilla 3D rendering

Ensuring maximum comfort at any moment, sunbed loungers and cantilever umbrellas take place in a cozy corner right next to the pool. Their sleek, lightweight silhouette seamlessly integrates into the rest of the simple, modern outdoor lanai porch design. Infused with coastal decorative influences, they create an inviting retreat to relax and connect with nature in style.

Coastal Home Interior & Lanai Design Shopping List

Modern lanai porch design shopping list by Decorilla

Decorilla modern lanai porch design shopping list

The client enjoyed the benefits that come with Decorilla’s inventive and convenient creation process. After working with the chosen designer to refine and perfect the moodboards, they received realistic 3D renderings depicting their space-to-be. Those images helped the client get a real grasp of their outdoor lanai and coastal home interior design, allowing them to make informed decisions.

Plus, they received a customized selection of furniture and decor in a personalized shopping list with exclusive trade discounts. And finally, a dedicated white-glove shopping concierge made sure to close the package with only the most enjoyable experience. 

Lanai Porch Design Top Picks

With the right elements, you can also achieve a charming lanai design. Check out our top picks that effortlessly combine elegant functionality and modern, stylish coastal flair!

Lanai design top picks by Decorilla

  1. Indoor-Outdoor Rug
  2. Woven Basket
  3. Rattan Armchair
  4. Statement Pendant
  5. Side Table
  6. Outdoor Sofa
  7. Rattan Lantern
  8. Coffee Table

Want your own stylish, modern lanai design?

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