Modern living and dining room design with a moody interior design

Decorilla modern living and dining room design

Stepping into the world of modern interior design, we often find dining spaces elegantly reimagined to incorporate a chic and functional bar area. Our expert designers took on a similar challenge, creating a seamless blend of comfort, style, and entertainment. Read on to see the remarkable modern living and dining room design makeover!

The Challenge: Modern Living and Dining Room with a Bar

Designing a modern living and dining area with a well-integrated bar elevates your home’s functionality to a new level. In our client’s case, the challenge laid in merging relaxation, formal elegance, and stylish allure of a built-in bar setup. To create a harmonious composition, the designer needed to:

  • Liven up the space consisting mainly of gray tones on the floors and walls
  • Create a cozy living room design while also making it functional for all client’s needs 
  • Integrate an ample dining room bar into the design
  • Blend modern industrial style with a warmer transitional look to bridge the differences in the couple’s tastes

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Inspiration for Modern Living and Dining Room Design

Modern living & dining room inspiration board

The client’s curated inspiration gallery was filled with carefully chosen images. The stylish selection showcased some shimmery examples of modern living and dining rooms seamlessly integrating a trendy bar design. Rich textures, elegant finishes, and thoughtfully designed layouts produced diverse ambiances that exuded contemporary luxury. These images served as a wellspring of creative ideas, sparking the designers’ inspiration for the transformative journey ahead.

Lounge and Dining Room Bar Moodboard 

Modern living and dining room by Decorilla

Modern living and dining room design by Decorilla

In addition to providing the images, the client completed Decorilla’s online quiz aimed at identifying their preferences and requirements. Through thorough responses to the customized design questionnaire, they helped the team refine the pool of compatible interior designers. Consequently, two seasoned experts offered their individual takes on the client’s modern interior design vision. 

Both proposals comprised very tempting creative ideas. However, it was Erika’s concept that undeniably exceeded every anticipation.

Modern living and dining room design moodboard by Decorilla

Decorilla moodboard for a combined living and dining room with a bar

Erika conceived a stunning concept that masterfully blended aesthetics and practicality. Her moodboard was meticulously designed to ensure a smooth yet coherent transition between the living and dining zones. At the same time, it rendered an eclectic blend of styles while seamlessly incorporating all necessary features – including the dining room bar. 

Modern Living and Dining Room Design Outcome

Modern living and dining room design by Decorilla

Modern living and dining room design – Decorilla 3D rendering

The final result is a captivating modern living and dining room design where a moody palette sets a sophisticated tone. Per the client’s wishes, it exudes a sense of coziness and intimacy, inviting them to unwind in style. The layout centers around a feature media wall that serves as the primary focal point while also offering ample concealed storage solutions. Adding a striking contrast to the subdued hues is a bright ivory area rug that grounds the entire space. 

A conversation area with a sprawling 6-piece modular sectional sofa offers plenty of seating space for entertaining and relaxed, intimate evenings. A wooden coffee table stands in juxtaposition to the deep tones of the room, adding a touch of warmth and natural texture. And behind the sofa, two elegant console tables serve functional and aesthetic purposes, offering display surfaces for decor while defining the boundaries. Four ottomans are neatly tucked underneath, ready to accommodate more guests or promote a more casual setting.

Dining room with a bar, design by Decorilla

Dining room with a bar – Decorilla 3D rendering

In this modern dining room with a bar, diverse elements come together to marry transitional elegance with an industrial edge. At its heart stands a solid wooden round table, inviting intimate gatherings. The space-saving setup incorporates six tall chairs boasting sleek profiles and thin metal legs.

Adjacent to the table, an awe-inspiring floor-to-ceiling dining room bar commands attention. This statement piece not only elevates the room’s aesthetic but also caters to entertainment needs. Two glass cabinets gracefully flank the counter, offering a showcase for glassware and spirits while the soft illumination casts a warm glow. Meanwhile, reeded wooden panels bridge the modern living and dining room areas, rendering an elegant, coherent transition. 

How the Designer Transformed the Dining Room with a Bar

Before (left) and after (right) modern living and dining room design by Decorilla

Before (left) and after (right) modern living and dining room design by Decorilla

The original space lacked a cohesive design and an efficient layout, providing our designers with the perfect canvas. As a result, the once uninspiring space has undergone a remarkable evolution into a haven of modern luxury. Comfortable furnishings beckon the living area, while the dining space exudes chic transitional elegance. The seamlessly integrated dining room bar underlines the harmonious fusion of modern aesthetics, creating an environment that effortlessly fosters both relaxation and entertainment.

Online Shopping List

Modern living and dining room design with a bar shopping list

Decorilla online shopping list for a modern living and dining room

The journey from concept to execution is a testament to the power of expert design. Decorilla meticulously orchestrated every detail, from selecting the finest finishes to assembling the perfect lighting scheme. In addition, thoughtfully designed 3D visualizations were accompanied by a comprehensive shopping list, encompassing every element required to replicate the aesthetic. The list not only simplified the shopping process for the client but also made it beneficial with exclusive trade discounts on all items – including alternatives.

Top Picks for a Modern Living and Dining Room

A transitional, industrial-inspired living and dining space can effortlessly embody the essence of modern luxury. Here are some of our designers’ top picks to help you refresh your home’s appeal!

Modern living and dining room top picks by Decorilla

  1. Side Table
  2. Wall Art
  3. Sofa Sectional
  4. Pendant Light
  5. Dining Table
  6. Dining Chair
  7. Area Rug

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