Minimalist contemporary living room

Decorilla minimalist contemporary living room design

Step into the world of beautiful simplicity with this minimalist contemporary interior design transformation. A living room and bedroom now sing a song of serenity and order. Join us as we explore this journey of tranquil transformation with a touch of subtle organic elements.

The Challenge: Minimalist Contemporary Interior Design

An interesting project was at hand for our team when a recent client decided to remodel a new home. To complement its distinctive exurban aesthetic, they sought Decorilla’s expertise, looking for a unique minimalist contemporary setup. The challenge laid in finding a creative match that could work with specific features to assemble an affordable living room and bedroom design. Among other tasks, the designer had to:

  • Maintain the eclectic, venerable spirit of the house
  • Come up with minimalist contemporary living room ideas that include a new couch, TV console, art, and tables 
  • Source a king-size bed and fit it comfortably into the minimalist contemporary bedroom layout

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Organic Minimalist Interior Design Inspiration

Contemporary minimalist interior design inspiration boardThe client’s inspirational gallery clearly communicated the concept of bringing the outdoors in by using natural materials and earthy tones. In addition, many designs simultaneously embraced different forms of contemporary abstract minimalist art. The task of incorporating these seemingly clashing principles into minimalist home decor posed a real challenge to creative sensibilities. It was all about establishing a calming oasis that still exudes a sleek and sophisticated vibe.  

Minimalist Contemporary Design Ideas & Moodboard

Contemporary minimalist interior design in an organic living room by Decorilla

Minimalist contemporary interior design in an organic living room by Decorilla

The client offered valuable insight into their lifestyle and preferences by filling out the design questionnaire. In addition to the inspirational gallery, this information helped the Decorilla team recommend experts who were a perfect fit for the job. In return, the client was able to experience the unbeatable advantage of receiving minimalist interior design ideas from two different designers. After carefully considering their concepts, the client ultimately decided to move forward with Laura A.

Organic minimalist interior design moodboard by Decorilla

Organic minimalist interior design moodboard by Decorilla

Laura’s organic interior design moodboard embodied a perfect fusion of contemporary comfort and rustic decor in minimalistic interior design. The simplicity of the space was strongly supported by soft textural contrasts emerging from a neutral color scheme. Accented with subtle touches of dark earthy tones, the composition felt simultaneously serene and dynamic. Following a round of consultation, only minor changes were implemented into the final design. 

Minimalist Contemporary Living Room Design

Contemporary minimalist interior design with abstract art, by Decorilla

Minimalist contemporary interior design with abstract art, by Decorilla

In this minimalist contemporary living room, the furniture arrangement is scaled to perfection. Featuring a wide sofa, a multipurpose pouf, and a coffee table, the small layout provides all necessary comfort without compromising overall functionality. A side console hosts a sleek lamp that adds to the ambiance, also exuding polished craftsmanship. Meanwhile, the contemporary abstract minimalist art triptych immediately draws the eye and commands attention. Its conceptual shapes and soothing blue hues fit seamlessly into the overall aesthetic, creating a simultaneously calming atmosphere.  

Contemporary minimalist interior design ideas by Decorilla

Minimalist contemporary interior design ideas by Decorilla

The interplay of elements in the room makes all the difference in Laura’s organic minimalist contemporary interior design. A black textured media console across the sofa provides a bold focal point, complemented by the wall-mounted TV. Abstract mirrors on the adjacent wall create an interesting juxtaposition, drawing the eye in without detracting from the sleekness of the space. On the other side, a potted plant emphasizes an organic touch, giving a strong nod to the concept of bringing the outside in.

Minimalist Contemporary Bedroom Interior Design

Minimalist contemporary bedroom interior design with abstract art by Decorilla

Minimalist contemporary bedroom interior design with abstract art by Decorilla

The organic bedroom setup combines minimalist contemporary interior design with the understated elegance and simplicity of cottage-core. This space boasts prominent exposed wooden beams creating an ambiance that exudes homey warmth. At the same time, the earthy palette perfectly pairs with subtle textural contrasts. Terracotta features, revived historical forms, and contemporary abstract minimalist art all lend a strong artistic character to the room, effortlessly blending tradition and modernity. 

Minimalist contemporary bedroom interior design ideas by Decorilla

Minimalist contemporary bedroom interior design ideas by Decorilla

The cabinetry in this minimalist contemporary bedroom perfectly complements the rest of the composition. Merged with carefully sourced decor, such as the floor lamp, streamlined mirror, and ceramic vase, the dresser becomes the main and—at the same time—a very refined focal point of the room. In addition, the fusion of raw wood texture and modern lines sets an example of how combining old and new can convey a sophisticated look as a result. 

Organic Minimalist Interior Design Before & After

Before (left) and after (right) minimal contemporary design by Decorilla

Before and after minimal contemporary design by Decorilla

With the help of an expert interior designer, the room underwent a significant transformative change. What was once an eclectic mix of elements that didn’t seem to properly relate to each other has now evolved into a coherent, organic minimalist interior design. The abstract minimalist contemporary art adorning the walls serves as a visual anchor, while the carefully curated furnishing elements boast the newfound charm. At the same time, the minimalist contemporary bedroom impresses with its understated elegance, showcasing how simplicity can be just as impactful as a loud arrangement.

Online Interior Design Shopping List

Minimalist contemporary living room & bedroom shopping list by Decorilla

Minimalist contemporary living room & bedroom shopping list by Decorilla

As part of the online interior design process, Laura A curated a selection of furnishings and decor. In addition, photorealistic 3D visualizations were created to help the clients envision their new home before committing to any changes. This also enabled them to be certain of which items they wanted to purchase from the tailored shopping list. Better yet, they received the best prices available thanks to exclusive trade discounts. And with the help of a white glove shopping concierge, they had nothing to worry about when it came to handling the logistics. Soon enough, all that was left to do was utilize the comprehensive implementation guide to bring their dream home to life!

Top Picks for Minimalist Contemporary Interior Design

Don’t let the daunting idea of a grand renovation hold you back from enjoying minimalist contemporary abstract art and decor. Perhaps some of these features can upgrade your space without the stress and cost of a complete overhaul:Organic minimalist interior design top picks by Decorilla

  1. Area Rug
  2. Coffee Table
  3. Side Table
  4. Wall Art
  5. Slipcover Sofa
  6. Teak Console
  7. Blue Pouf
  8. Table Lamp

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