how to build your own barbiecore dreamhouseWith the press tour in full swing, it certainly feels like the real word is morphing into Barbie Land. Each day, Margot Robbie dons a different life-sized Barbie doll outfit on the pink carpet, specially-crafted by the likes of Schiaparelli, Valentino and Prada. A fabulous life-sized version of Barbie’s Oceanside Beach House has even appeared in Malibu–available to rent through AirBnB. In addition to celebrating all types of people, Greta Gerwig’s highly anticipated movie spotlights the work of skilled artisans–from fashion designers to set decorators. We took the virtual tour of Barbie’s DreamHouse to identify the key ingredients for building your very own luxury Barbiecore home…

Timeless Style

With no walls or doors, the Barbie DreamHouse is all about open-plan living. Barbie officially debuted in 1959. As a result, the set is heavily influenced by modernism–as well as the original dollhouse toys. From 80s-inspired chunky sofas and swivel chairs to a mid-century-inspired home bar and stone fireplace, it is a seamless blend of classic styles spanning from the late 50s to the modern day. Timeless design plays an important role in bringing your Barbiecore dream home to life, and not everything must be pink to get the look.Click here to view more of our retro revival furniture.

Poolside Perfection

Of course, Barbie’s DreamHouse comes complete with its own poolside paradise. And while it’s unlikely you’ll want a slide coming down from your bedroom, it boasts plenty of other fabulous features for your own Barbiecore home. From sun loungers to extra-large sofas to long tables perfect for entertaining guests, create a garden to rival even Barbie’s famous pool parties with the luxury garden furniture collection at Juliettes Interiors.

Think PINK (and Yellow and Blue)

Everything in Barbie Land is either blue, yellow, or of course pink. But whilst the colours are bright, set decorator Katie Spencer describes the design as, “very simple, and clear, and beautiful.” Much of the furniture featured is handmade and therefore completely unique. But have no fear! At Juliettes Interiors, we offer both furniture sourcing and furniture re-creation services. So, if while watching the movie you spot a piece you simply be without, we’ll try our very best to find something similar, or delve into our directory of master craftsmen to create something bespoke. What’s more, all of our existing designs are fully customisable, allowing you to choose a size and shade that suits your Barbiecore home.

Fashion First

On the first floor we find Barbie’s dressing room, the main feature a magical wardrobe that lays out her outfits for each day. If you too prefer having your favourite designer pieces on display, the Large High End Integrated Wardrobe from our brand new Park Lane collection could prove the perfect fit. And, for someone with so many makeup-looks and hairstyles, no Barbiecore home would be complete without a vanity table. Barbie’s own is a curved design, complete with oval mirror and styled with an assortment of coloured glass vases and elegant decanters. To view the full collection of luxury dressing tables at Juliettes Interiors, click here.

Be Who You Wanna Be

Finally, we reach the top level to find Barbie’s bedroom, boasting a round bed, statement pink headboard, and matching nightstands and table lamps on each side. The Barbie set is an all-out celebration of fabulous craftsmanship, timeless design, and wonderful uniqueness. Meaning to achieve a true Barbiecore aesthetic in your home is to embrace your own personal style. However much inspiration you wish to draw from Barbie’s DreamHouse, remember: this is your world–not hers!The build-up of excitement around the upcoming movie release proves that Barbie is still relevant over 60 years on, and that a Barbiecore style home is sure to stand the tests of time. Whether you wish to simply nod towards the latest emerging interior design trend, or go all-out to create a Barbie DreamHouse of your own, Juliettes Interiors is here to help you achieve your goal.

We’re Here to Help

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