Water purification systems fall under that category of mundane appliances bought out of pure necessity rather than any deep seated desire remotely related to design. Under-the-sink models offer the option to hide away the form-in-service-of-function products, but most countertop options are dominantly characterized by white plastic case designs. Seoul-based branding and industrial design studio Superkomma wants to color the category differently with their vibrant, folded metal water purifier, the Conecto.

Colorful slim folded metal construction water purifier appliance in blue, brown and yellow on white surface top.

The Conecto is conceived to be an “anywhere, everywhere appliance,” one bringing filtered water well beyond models typically confined to the kitchen and the proximity of an electrical outlet. The narrow dimensions of the water purification appliance operates solely dependent upon water pressure, so there’s no plug or power cable to worry about, liberating placement.

Colorful slim folded metal construction water purifier appliance viewed from the front in blue, brown and yellow on white floating shelf. A small group of nesting paper cups sit to the right of the Conecto, with a Dieter Rams book and other books situated above it on another display shelf.

Hand reaching with finger and thumb to turn bright yellow control dial on top of water purifier unit.

Hand reaching to wrap excess water tubing around a metal yellow hook attached to the side of the Conecto water purifier, viewed from an angled perspective viewed from behind the unit.

In support of portability, Superkomma includes a small yellow hook to hold any excess length of water tube used in the connection between a water source and the reverse osmosis filtering unit.

Detail of the back of the Conecto where the red-brown colored water tubing enters the purification housing.

“We don’t think the water purifier [has to be] white, [nor] should it be made of plastic material,” explains Superkomma. “And I don’t want to define it as a product that only stays in the kitchen.”

Detail of the Conecto's folded metal construction, including a branded tab section with "conecto" punch stamped through the metal sheet.

One square shaped ridged red-brown and second yellow Conecto tray staged next to one another.

Superkomma credits the form and structure of the Conecto to modular metal furniture as inspiration. Interestingly this includes metal’s tendency to patina over time for its “vintage charm.”

Conecto's individual folding metal sheet pieces shown disassembled and also with some parts folded.

Constructed of colorfully painted folding metal plates matching the dimensions of A4 paper, the Conecto’s individual pieces simply lock into place for simplified assembly.

Animation of the filter unit's turn top release movement.

Reverse osmosis filter unit being dropped into the Conecto's top filter receptacle.

To reduce waste, Superkomma labels each filter units using laser marking instead of printed label

The Conecto may be purely a concept at the moment, but it’s a fair bet as drinking water quality increasingly becomes a concern both at work and home – and wasteful plastic water bottles (hopefully) become less common – we’ll see water purifiers diversify in design and be presented in a wider gamut of colors inspired by the likes of Superkomma’s colorful little number.

Gregory Han is a Senior Editor at Design Milk. A Los Angeles native with a profound love and curiosity for design, hiking, tide pools, and road trips, a selection of his adventures and musings can be found at gregoryhan.com.

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