The Top 3 Autumn/Winter Interior Design Trends for 2023 (and Beyond!)

autumn winter interior trends for 2023

When we think ‘trend’, our minds might travel to short-lived fads of the past, or embarrassing memories of fashion faux pas–“It was all the rage back then!”. Thus, the concept of interior design trends seems rather counterintuitive. Unlike clothing, how we dress our homes cannot change completely with every single season. Which is why it’s important to make choices you’re going to be able to live with–for a long time. But not all styles come and go; timeless design has become a trend in itself. As we hurtle towards autumn, trend predictions are flooding our social media feeds. And, with such choice at our fingertips, it can be difficult to separate the actually good from the “It seemed like a good idea at the time!”. So, sit back, and allow us to do the hard work for you. Here are three autumn winter interior trends for 2023 (and beyond!)…

1. Biophilic Design

Biophilic design has been gaining momentum for quite some time, and shows no sign of slowing down when it comes to autumn winter interior trends for 2023. As we grow ever-more conscious of both the environment and our wellbeing, biophilic design spreads its roots in the realm of interiors. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the term, the biophilia hypothesis is a concept that allows us to feel more connected to nature in modern surroundings. Put rather simply, it aims to bridge the gap between natural and manmade worlds by introducing the former into the latter. Studies show that spending time in the great outdoors can have significant benefits–from reduced stress to improved cognitive function. So why wouldn’t we want to replicate this in our homes? One of the best things about biophilic design is there are many ways to do so, including…

Earth Tones

Autumn is the perfect time to play around with incorporating earth tones in your home. Allow the changing leaves to inspire your colour palette, and create a cosy environment for year-round enjoyment.


Whether you choose to do it with walls, furniture, or houseplants; going for green is the easiest way to bring nature indoors. It’s actually considered the easiest on the eye, too, which in turn helps us feel more at ease and able to relax in a space.


Natural materials, including rough woods, polished stone and organic fabrics, allow us to incorporate the outdoors into our homes indirectly (as opposed to directly, using things like water features and plants), whilst also adding depth, warmth, and visual interest.

Prints & Patterns

For as long as we have been designing–over 3 million years(!)–nature has served as our muse. From botanical motifs to geometric designs, bring your home to life with decorative art, wallpaper, or furnishings.


Curves come in all kinds of natural forms, from meandering rivers to the boughs of great trees. When it comes to interior spaces, they help to create a sense of movement and flow whilst softening any harsh edges.

Moody Blues

Blue is also set to be a key player in the autumn winter interior trend line up for this year. And, in our eyes, it’s always a winner! Here’s why: according to colour psychology, we instinctively view blue as non-threatening due to its association with things like clear skies and bodies of water, which have a naturally calming influence. It’s what we call a short-wavelength colour, to which certain cells in our eyes are particularly sensitive. These cells are responsible for signalling the part of the brain that regulates hormone secretion, thus determining our mental and emotional response. Now, you might be wondering, “Why the science lesson?” And the answer is actually pretty simple. The colour blue calms the mind, and will therefore always work to create a tranquil environment perfect for relaxing. Who wouldn’t want that all the time?!

At Juliettes Interiors, all of our designs are fully customisable, allowing you to choose everything from size to colour to materials. For further information, feel free to get in touch.

3. Opulent Materials

Opting for opulence is forecasted to be another big autumn winter interior design trend for 2023, specifically focusing on luxurious fabrics, rich colours, and warm metals such as gold and bronze…

From leather to velvet to faux fur, high-quality fabrics are ideal for softening a harsh-feeling interior whilst adding a touch of sophistication. The sumptuous textures also work to enhance comfort for optimum relaxation.

Typical autumn/winter palettes favour jewel tones and earthy hues, and for good reason, too. Rich colours help to create an atmosphere of warmth and cosiness–perfect for colder months.

Gold is inherently luxurious, and thus an easy way to inject an element of grandeur into your home. Its reflective qualities make it a fabulous feature in rooms both light and dark, in the form of both accents and larger statement pieces.

Minimalist or maximalist, we believe every type of home deserves a little luxury, no matter the season! In fact, realising that quality and longevity go hand in hand is the first step towards achieving timeless style. Cheap furniture will cut corners wherever possible, resulting in a poorly-made piece with a short lifespan. Therefore, it’s always worth the investment if you want something built to last that doesn’t compromise on style. To shop the full range of luxury furniture designs at Juliettes Interiors, click here.

Biophilic design, blue colour palettes and luxurious materials are predicted to be key autumn winter interior trends in 2023, and for many years to come.

While earth and jewel tones are go-to colours for the colder months, blue is set to be one of the key autumn winter interior trends this year.

As these autumn winter interior trends have proven, not all preferences perish with every season. Whilst biophilic design fulfils our collective desire to feel connected with nature, moody blues offer the moments of peace required to relax and recover, and luxurious materials provide the quality and comfort we all deserve. By being smart when choosing which trends to follow, you can rest assured that your interior suits you every need, and will stand the test of time, too!

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