It is that time of the year again when we are starting to think about the many ways in which we can decorate our home for the festivities ahead. It all starts with Halloween, as always and even If 2020 has been one long, scary ride for everyone, we still want to celebrate it in style. Halloween is a bit different this year with many of us still choosing to remain home, avoid large social gatherings and turning to virtual meets to interact with friends and family. The general advice from experts is to ensure that kids stay home and avoid trick-or-treat all together. But that still leaves plenty of room for decorating your home this Halloween in a safe and spooky fashion!

DIY Halloween pumpkin decoration using paper towels, paint pens and some creativity

Halloween decorating does not come simpler than painted pumpkins and once you flip through the many ideas in here, you will fall in love with the almost instantly. Best painted pumpkin DIYs this year bring with them a blend of ideas that are colorful, eclectic and at times just plain crazy as well. From those that work well beyond Halloween to ones that are just perfect for decorating your porch, this is a collection that has it all. It is time for a trendy pumpkin display –

Halloween-Themed Painted Pumpkins

Once you start creating Halloween-themed painted pumpkins, you will start noticing hoe addictive it can be! In fact, there are so many simple designs and ideas to try out that you might soon be heading to your local store more than once to get a few more pumpkins. The easiest starting point is to use Halloween stencils along with paint to bring different motifs and patterns without much work. These pumpkins can be used on the porch, on the stairway or even on the fireplace mantle to create a wonderful focal point that you just cannot miss.

Combine the painted pumpkins with spooky decorative pieces for a fun Halloween centerpiece [From: Magia Mia]
DIY trick or treat ombre painted pumpkin idea [From: Sarah Hearts]
Fabulous painted pumpkins blend a bit of fun with a hint of spookiness
Halloween stencils and paint can turn pumpkins into mot impressive decorative pieces of the season
It is easy to create multiple fun patterns and decorations with painted pumpkins [From: Country Living]
Another gorgeous chalkboard paint pumpkin decorating idea you will love [From: Jennifer Causey / Country Living]
Chalkboard paint pumpkins can be customized in absolutely no time

Bright and Beautiful Ideas

One of the things that we have noticed over the last few years is how popular pumpkins with a painted message that just says ‘boo!’ are. But the colors you choose for these fun painted pumpkins can determine the style of the room that they adorn. Gold paint-dipped pumpkins with the letters can seem chic while those in black and white are perfect for a spookier theme. You can even alter the message on the pumpkins with a change in the stencil while custom designs, more intricate Halloween-themed paintings and fall-inspired patterns take a bit more work.

Easy to create DIY moon and stars painted pumpkins [From: Oh So Beautiful Paper]
Find a touch of spooky charm with a custom-painted pumpkin that is perfect for Halloween
Kid-friendly glitter pumpkin craft [From: The Inspiration Board]
Nature-centric patterns for the pumpkin combine Halloween theme with fall goodness [From: Real Simple]
Silver and black Halloween painted pumpkin decorative pieces
White paint a simple stencil can help create multiple fun Halloween pumpkin decorative pieces
Add a touch of golden sparkle to the Halloween pumpkin with paint

Paint with Quirky Additions

Using paint along with string lights can give you a decorative piece that is perfect for both Halloween and the festive season beyond. Pumpkins painted in a much brighter hue like teal along with a bit of creativity give you the brilliant pumpkin mummy. It is all about what you want in term of the overall decorative style of your home and how casual it needs to be. Sometimes a single painted pumpkin can hold your attention because of its artistic brilliance while on other occasions a collection of pumpkins with prints that range from witches and broomsticks to bats, webs and more can do the trick. Find your own style!

Bright and brilliant teal mummy pumpkin DIY [From: Making it Milk Free]
Feathered pattern on the pumpkin turns it into an absolute showstopper [From: good housekeeping]
Get creative with the painted pumpkins and showcase your artistic talent this Halloween!
Painted pumpkin DIY with alphabets and festive lighting works well during Halloween and beyond
Pumpkin that spells out Eek feels both stylish and eclectic
Simple blend of floral pattern along with pumpkin painted black can create a lovely decorative piece for Halloween

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