Adding a dining area to the already tiny urban apartment feels like an extravagance at times. It is easy to understand why many homeowners struggle to create the perfect dining area in the small apartment where every square inch matters immensely. But with the right amount of creativity and proper planning you can easily add a smart dining area without sacrificing too much space. This lovely little niche can also double as a work area in the tiny apartment or act as a cozy conversation nook when needed. The idea here is to create a dining space that interacts with the kitchen, living area and other areas next to it effortlessly.

Small kitchenette and dining area inside the vintage industrial Budapest loft

The small apartment dining room comes in a wide range of shapes and styles and is definitely not a dedicated room cordoned off by four walls. It is an area of the open plan living that interacts with the kitchen next to it or sits in the corner, giving you an escape from the rush that surrounds you. The size and style of the dining space depend on your personal preference and your lifestyle. If you are looking for smart ideas that redefine your tiny apartment, then these ingenious dining spaces come in pretty handy indeed.

Combine it With the Kitchen

Combining the dining area with the kitchen is the easiest and best way forward when it comes to small apartments. Here you can not only save space but also create an ergonomic setting where both the kitchen and dining area feel like one. A common style helps immensely and or those who do not really need an exclusive and spacious dining area, a small breakfast nook will do just fine. It can double as a convenient dining area for a couple and you will not have to spare additional area for an exclusive dining room.

Kitchen workstation also acts as a partition between the tiny kitchen and dining area
Minimal kitchen and dining room rolled into one
Small kitchen and dining of the tiny industrial loft
Kitchen counter and dining table rolled into one inside the colorful tiny apartment

Windows and Natural Light

In the tiny apartment, a flood of natural light makes a big difference and placing the dining area next to the window gives it that additional, cheerful panache. It also allows you to enjoy the view outside and take in the city skyline after sunset. A window seat next to it all with built-in storage can make this tiny dining area even more efficient while a punch of bright color also seems apt in these light-filled areas.

Gorgeous attic apartment dining area is bathed in ample natural light
Gallery wall for the tiny apartment dining area with Scandinavian style
Student apartment tiny dining space between the small kitchen and the living area
Polished little dining in the apartment corner with built-in storage and city views
Gray walls bring sophisticated panache to the tiny dining area

A Circular Dining Table

When it comes to space-saving dining tables, nothing beats the circular table with a pedestal stand. This frees up leg space and the lack of edges also allows you to tuck the chairs in when they are not in use. The small, round, white dining table is the perfect addition in an open plan living already clad in neutral hues. If you feel that the round table is not the one for you then you might want to give the oval dining table a shot as it moves away from the mundane even while saving space stylishly.

Apartment with movable walls and a tiny dining area with shabby chic style
Circular dining table in white for the small, minimal dining area
It is the dining area that sits at the heart of this open plan living
Tiny dining area inside the Barcelona apartment with a unique table and 3 chairs
Acrylic chairs combined with round white table to create a lovely dining area

Striking Pendant Lights

The pendant light above the small dining area does much more than just illuminate it beautifully. It creates a space within a larger open plan living that has its own individuality and helps in delineating space without using any boundaries. An oversized pendant above the petite dining area is a trend that is currently hot and something you can try out easily. This accentuates the dining area even further while the large pendant also anchors the space stylishly.

Open plan living allows this small apartment to showcase a relatively large dining area
Unique and cozy student apartment dining area is a gorgeous space-saver
Using the wall as support for the dining table saves up plenty of space!
Beautiful copper pendant lighting for the dining area inside petite Paris apartment
Lovely dining area inside the small Taipei City apartment with natural edge dining table and oversized pendant

What Works For You

Creating the perfect dining area in the small apartment is all about finding the solution that works best for you. Sometimes it can be in the corner to create more space for all the other décor in the apartment. Then there are occasions when the tiny dining area sits at the heart of it all and becomes the showstopper. Make sure though that the style of the dining area matches with that of the living space and dining next to it to create a more curated apartment.

Finding the right space for the dining area inside the small urban apartment
Space-savvy dining area for the small Scandinavian style apartment
Tiny table in the apartment is used as both work table and dining table
A transparent table for four inside the tiny Sao Paulo apartment!
Breakfast nook and tiny dining area rolled into one inside this urban apartment

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