We do get quickly bored with more of the same; not just as a set of individuals, but as a collective group of people. This is probably what drives our spirit to try out new things and keeps the trends chart alive and kicking at all times. Of course, trying out new materials in your home is a tricky and even risky affair. It is not for those with commitment issues when it comes to decorating their home. But for the confident few who wish to give the trendy new finish in town a shot, concrete is undoubtedly the way forward! Nothing revolutionary and yet delightfully fresh, exposed concrete finishes are once again ‘cool’!

Contemporary bathroom with custom plaster finish that mimics concrete visually [From: HONEYandSPICE innenarchitektur + design]

Of course, trying out a surface clad in concrete means you will have to design a room that can adapt to its raw, unpolished and industrial appeal. Rather than being a limiting factor, concrete as a material opens up new decorating avenues and today we share with you the best bathrooms clad in concrete. Some embrace it fully with walls and flooring in concrete while others take it slow with just a concrete vanity. No matter, which look you prefer, this is a look at how you can bring concrete to the bathroom in style!

1. Stoic Walls Make a Statement

Concrete walls in the bathroom make an impact instantly and do so in an understated fashion that they are so very capable of. You will notice the sudden shift in ambiance and while you might want to add a few wooden elements or even a couple of indoor planets to usher in bit more warmth, there is absolutely no doubting the minimal sophistication that concrete brings. It keeps things simple and you are often forced to de-clutter to keep up with its refined appeal.

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Dashing concrete walls add to the black and white appeal of this bathroom [From: bluetomatophotos]
Modern bathroom with concrete walls and a dashing marble vanity
Concrete blocks give the bathroom a cool contemporary appeal along with its Asian style [From: THE DESIGN FIRM]

2. Turn to the Floor

Concrete floor tiles are quickly becoming popular in homes across the world because they are much more affordable than other flooring finishes and far more durable. Concrete’s innate toughness makes it a hit in the bathroom and you will not have to worry about water damage constantly. Concrete as a flooring surface is easy to maintain and also creates a smart, neutral backdrop allowing you to add different layers of color and contrast with ease.

Stunning minimal bathroom with concrete floor [From: Graf GmbH Bad & Heizung]
Tropical bathroom with concrete tiled flooring

3. Finding the Right Style

The popular idea among homeowners is that concrete finishes force you down the minimal contemporary route when it comes to bathroom style. But that is far from the truth and you can obviously try out the industrial style as well in a bathroom with concrete and brick wall finishes. With a dash of aging wood, rustic style makes an appearance while shabby chic also finds space when you keep the backdrop completely neutral and add in the tight décor.

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Gorgeous tropical bathroom with concrete and wood vanity and plenty of greenery [From: DESIGN 4 CORNERS]
Industrial bathroom with brick accent wall is draped in concrete [From: SAK Designs]
A touch of Parisian chic for the concrete walled bathroom makes it a show stopper!
Fabulous industrial bathroom in concrete and wood

4. Textural Contrast Unleashed

You need not always commit to concrete in a grand fashion and those wanting to start out small can obviously try out the concrete floating vanity before they take a bigger plunge. Couple it with floating wooden shelves or even marble surfaces and you have a more inviting and relaxing bathroom with a spa-styled ambiance. The smaller concrete elements offer textural contrast in otherwise monotonous contemporary bathrooms and do so without altering its color palette.

Whitewashed brick walls coupled with concrete inside the spacious contemporary bathroom [From: ALL & NXTHING]
A concrete floating sink for the bathroom with wooden accent wall and traditional chandelier lighting
Concrete is combined with brick beautifully inside this modern industrial bathroom

5. A Nod to Minimalism

Finally, we take a look at undoubtedly the most popular bathrooms that welcome exposed, raw concrete gleefully – those with a minimal style. Minimalism and concrete finishes go hand in hand and its seemingly cold, distant aura adds to the appeal of minimal bathrooms. You want to keep bright bold colors away from such spaces as much as possible. But a splash of blue and gray always work well in these dashing bathrooms.

Spa-styled minimal bathroom with a captivating black bathtub [From: Rowlands Architecture Design Studio]
Concrete brings a sense of sleek minimalism to the contemporary bathroom

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