A perfect apartment is a beautiful blend of form and function with a splattering of bright colors thrown into the mix. That generally plays out in different ways in various apartments across the world with the available space, specific taste of homeowners and budget shaping the final form. With this dashing blue and white apartment in Brazil, you get an interior that is charming and colorful without sacrificing ergonomics. Designed by Studio Boscardin.Corsi, he apartment perfectly reflects the exuberant lifestyle of the young homeowners with cleverly placed yellow accents making a big visual impact.

Bright blue walls create a vivacious apartment interior that feels fresh and modern

Apartment BC does all it can to eliminate dull corners with a floor plan that combines the small living area, dining space and kitchen to create a fabulous, modern social zone. A corner niche is converted into the black and white kitchen with dark appliance and countertops providing visual balance to an otherwise white space. Industrial-style Edison bulb lighting above the dining area makes an instant impact while the blue walls and curated yellow décor additions invite you indoors gleefully. With a slim, ledge-like floating shelf in black above the sofa holding framed photographs and artwork, there is plenty going on in this small apartment living space.

Minimal industrial-style Edison bulb lighting for the dining area next to the living space
White and blue Brazilian apartment with gorgeous yellow accents thrown into the mix
Simple ledge-style floating shelf in black is the perfect space for a lovely display in the living room
Spacious and stylish interior of the modern Brazilian apartment with lovely blue walls
Black appliances coupled with black countertops in the kitchen add contrast to the interior
Sleek floating shelves in orange add color to the white-tiled kitchen backsplash
Space-savvy kitchen and dining area of the small Brazilian apartment

In the bedroom, an open closet with coat hangers and nifty, space-savvy nightstands steal the spotlight while bright, multi-colored tiles in the bathroom create an impact. A 65-square meter apartment that balances form with functionality… [Photography: Eduardo Macarios]

Open closet design that is easy to create at home
Use the closet rods to create an open wardrobe in the small bedroom
Finding the right spatial solutions for the small bedroom
Multi-color tiled walls in the kitchen with black, red and blue tiles

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