We have always admired the versatility and beauty of shipping containers and the way they can be so effortlessly used in creating contemporary homes with sustainable styles. These structures are also easy on the pocket and offer affordable housing solutions for everyone. That is why we admire the ingenuity and elegance behind the creation Goodman Westlink designed by A Work of Substance! A contemporary marketing suite in Hong Kong created specifically for the need of Goodman Westlink, it is four shipping containers that have been brought together for this one-of-a-kind project that is nestled in an oasis of green.

Marketing Suite for Goodman Westlink created using just shipping containers

Though it is the steel structure that comprises the central units of the marketing suite, an overload of wood and glass around the building that provide a cozy and contemporary appeal. Glass walls on the lower level along with completely glass structures on the upper floor combine to bring the outdoors inside in a fluent and seamless manner. Greenery around it add color to an otherwise neutral setting as tropical and modern influences make an impact indoors as well. An understated approach to décor further makes sure that the emphasis stays on the visual outside. [Photography: Dennis Lo]

Open glass enclosures on upper level with glass ceiling that completely welcome the outdoors inside
View from the deck of the Bridge House in Canada
Wall art adds color and contrast to the otherwise minimal interior
Wood and glass soften the visual impact of the steel frame brought in by the shipping container units
Wood and steel interior of the house with modern industrial element and plenty of natural light
Wood and steel staircase inside the marketing suite feels simple and industrial

At the very epicenter of Hong Kong’s design revolution, our 30-person shop uses design as a tool to rejuvenate culture and local neighborhoods, creating works of substance that make Hong Kong a place people look to for inspiration. Ever daring and ever curious, we are constantly venturing into new projects and industries including the launch of our exclusive line of amenities, furniture and lighting.

A perfect place to catch up on a conversation with wonderful views and ample natural light
Lower level of the marketing suite with dining area and kitchen draped in wood
Minimal and unassuming interior of the office draped in wood
Natural greenery and waterbody around shipping container unit

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