When it comes to color, teal is one of the most soothing, popular hues in today’s design world. Once considered an outdated wall color, teal has made a big comeback. In fact, we’ve rounded up the decor to prove it! While many people think of teal as a shade of green with a dash of blue, teal is also used to describe a primarily blue hue that can range from blue-grey to turquoise. Which shade of teal is your favorite?!

Photo Credit: Kate Simmons

Today we’ll be looking at ways to bring the color home. From painting an accent wall to purchasing a small piece of teal decor, there are countless possibilities for this hue that channels serenity, nature and a feeling of calmness. Even with its chill associations, teal has the power to make a big impact. Keep reading for suggestions and tips on decorating with teal… [photo from CB2 via First Quarter Finance]

The Power of Teal Decor

Photo Credit: Kate Simmons

In many ways, teal creates the perfect pop of color. Strong but not overwhelming, this design favorite evokes everything from the sea to the feathers of a bird.  There are many easy ways to bring a touch of teal home, from collecting glassware to decking the walls. [photo below from Crown]

If painting the walls isn’t part of your plan, you can always add some teal to your floor. CB2’s Ombre Deep Teal Rug offers a gradient of deep green goodness. Plus, soft New Zealand wool creates a plush effect:

Speaking of plush, Anthropologie’s Feather Collection Rug piles on the scalloped style in a tranquil shade of grey-green. Designed by Bethan Gray, this piece is sure to be a dreamy focal point:

Also from Anthropologie, the Emme Dining Chair not only combines teal velvet and brass, it can be mixed with other Emme chairs for a multicolored dining room. As shown in the image below, teal is beautifully complemented by other shades of green and blue, as well as rosy tones such as mauve:

Sweet dreams are made of teal! This Garment Washed Teal King Sheet Set from CB2 brings  an inviting shade of blue-green to your bedroom. Comfy cotton is the material of choice, and the bedding has been pre-washed to create a silky feel. Try layering the sheets with a fluffy throw for added warmth.

Paper & Clay’s Milk Vase is available in a range of hues, but we’re partial to the teal! Mimicking the form of a milk bottle, this piece is perfect for holding a small bouquet, yet it’s pretty enough to display on its own:

CB2’s Marta Deep Teal Luster Double Old Fashioned Glass definitely falls on the blue side of the teal spectrum. Throw in a lustrous finish and a super-thin construction, and this glassware has “special” written all over it. For added fun, try combining this glassware with other Marta items, such as glassware in gold, green and blue. The more colors, the merrier!

Using Teal in Kids’ Rooms

Photo Credit: Kate Simmons

Teal is an amazing color to incorporate into the rooms of children. Its serene effect, positive connotations, and universal appeal make it a practical choice, but the standout factor of this bold color adds a big dose of fun. While an entire room painted teal may not be typical for children’s spaces, go for it if you feel so inclined! Adding other pops of color such as cream and the natural tone of wood gives the space depth and character. [room below by Din Interiorismo]

There are other ways to make teal a focal point, starting with this Little Felix Stackable Chair from Crate & Kids. Stackability and a protective finish are two big reasons why this chair is practical and low-maintenance:

Kids’ rooms are cozy spaces, and floor seating adds another dimension of plush style. Who wouldn’t want to cozy up with a good book while perched on this pillow?! Crate & Kids’ Teal Corduroy Teepee Cushion perfectly fits the brand’s teepees, but it also has enough substance to stand on its own, creating a child-friendly pop of color:

Storage is key for children’s rooms, and there’s nothing like a vibrant storage bin to corral toys on a regular basis. It’s hard to imagine a wall color that wouldn’t beautifully complement Crate & Kids’ Color Block Teal Cube Storage Bin. Not only does the bin feature a useful handle, it showcases a different color-blocked design on each side. Who else is loving the combo of crisp white with rich teal?!

Teal Decorations

Photo Credit: Kate Simmons

Did someone say “celebration”?! A rich color that’s perfectly on trend, teal is ideal for holiday decor, as well as party decorations that are a departure from primary colors and pastels. These paper fans from COD Wholesale, Inc. are sold in a set of 3. Purchase multiple sets to create a party backdrop, or combine them with other fans in hues such as gold, blush and peach. Beware: you will be tempted to leave these paper fans on display long after your fete has ended.

This holiday season is already inspiring a number of beautifully designed ornaments in teal. This Jewel Teal Glass Drop Ornament from CB2 shines teal, blue and purple, thanks to a myriad of facets. Jewel tones give this small statement a big role to play.

Also from CB2, the Suspend Teal Teardrop Ornament is a beautiful marriage of teal glass and brass. Note how the teal pops against a backdrop of shimmering off-white:

Anthropologie’s Mini Pinecone Ornament showcases blue-green glass in an antique-style design that layers color on color for an aged effect. There’s a sense of history, which is often hard to create with your typical shiny new ornament.

Whether you add a dash of teal or go bold with CB2’s Rome Teal Wallpaper (shown below), consider bringing this unforgettable hue into your home. Likable and versatile, teal promises to be much more than meets the eye. Thanks for reading!

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