Every kitchen needs a focal point. In the modern kitchen that is often draped in neutral hues and has an understated appeal, a simple infusion of color can get this done without much effort. There are many ways in which you can add a bit of color to the kitchen without splurging a fortune. Some go down the simple colorful backsplash route while others could choose a change in the color scheme of the kitchen cabinets. But for the eat-in kitchen or the kitchen with breakfast bar, it is the bar stools and the bar chairs that add color and do so with a hint of playfulness.

Fabulous bar stools in red and wood add color and class to the kitchen [From: Common Ground Workshop]

Bar stools and chairs come in a wide range of colors and models. One color among them that is trendy, perfect for the Holiday Season and beyond and revitalizes the kitchen is red at its brilliant best. Red bar stools and chairs, even when used in a modest manner, can completely alter the appeal of the kitchen and do so without changing its theme and overall style. Dashing and eye-catching this is look at some of the best ideas from diverse kitchens across the globe –

Classic and Rugged Kitchen Styles

The red bar stool might seem like an idea that is at odds with most kitchen styles in theory. Yet when you actually put these stools in the environment, they look and feel great pretty much every single time! For instance, take a look at the Rustic, Mediterranean or Victorian kitchens below and you will see that the bar stools in each of them seem organic and elegant. There are times when you can repeat the color elsewhere to create a more curated look. Even though you have settled on the color, do pick the materials carefully to suit the specific kitchen style.

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Simple backless industrial bar stools in red are perfect for kitchen with matching industrial charm [From: Jen Chu Design]
Victorian kitchen with comfortable and regal red bar chairs that steal the spotlight
Create a lovely focal point at the breakfast bar with bright red bar stools [From: T Hurt Construction]
Delightful blend of wood and red in the spacious rustic kitchen

Sense of Modern Sophistication

Sleek and smart bar stools in red for the modern kitchen come in a wide range of shapes and finishes. Those with abstract, geometric design and slim metallic base are currently the most popular option. These bar stools at the counter occupy minimal space and often using two or three is the norm. Pendants in matching hues above the kitchen counter ensures that you have a beautiful kitchen. Once you wish to change the accent hue, you can just swap out the bar stools and pendants and embrace a different color in the kitchen.

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Sleek and stylish bar stools for the contemporary kitchen in neutral hues [From: Riach Architects]
Snazzy red bar stools with geometric charm and pendant lights bring color to this ergonomic modern kitchen
Adjustable height bar stools for the transitional kitchen offer both comfort and color [From: Patrick Brickman]
Gorgeous red bar stools feel modern and appropriate in the kitchen despite their bright visual appeal [From: Harvey Jones Kitchens]

Bright Color that Makes a Difference

Red bar stools make the biggest different in small kitchens because of the brightness they bring. Keeping the backdrop as neutral as possible improves this ‘wow factor’ further and an even layer of lighting helps highlight these additions. Asian style kitchens are perfect places where you can try out these bright red bar stools while those with a matte finish look good in rustic and industrial spaces. Kitchenware in red and other accents add to the overall ambiance.

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Pops of red enliven the traditional cottage style kitchen in white and gray [From: TreHus Architects+Interior Designers+Builder]
Red bar chairs bring brightness to the small and stylish Mediterranean kitchen in white with lovely floor tiles [From: Jessica Helgerson Interior Design]
Iconic swivel bar stool in red is a popular choice sin kitchens across the world!

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