Every home has something unique about it that gives it a character of its own. The Grid House in Sao Paulo is no different with an interior where custom framework in wood takes over pretty much the entire setting. The smart urban apartment feels sophisticated at every turn. But it is the grid pattern of the framework that covers the ceilings and walls in the living area, dining room and kitchen and does so in a gorgeous, eye-catching manner. Designed by Studio Guilherme Torres, the Grid House is in reality a blend of two different apartment units – one being a large duplex and the other a small studio apartment with limited space.

Uniquely designed ceiling of the apartment interior makes a smart statement

Combining the two previously separate apartments does much more than just extending the area indoors. It gives the new apartment a more spacious appeal with the floor plan being smartly split across its two levels. It is the lower level that contains the living area, dining space, kitchen and bar while the upper floor holds the master bedroom, other bedrooms and bathrooms as well. The distribution of areas is organic with one slowly leading to the next. The grid pattern framework is much more than just an aesthetic addition with air conditioners, lighting and speakers being neatly hidden behind its apparent presence.

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Gorgeous gray interior of the apartment is a showstopper
Grid House gets its name from custom wood framework inside its home
Grid pattern of the ceiling extends into the contemporary bedroom
Grid pattern on the ceiling and walls conceals several features within
Lighting adds brilliance to the dining space and kitchen in the grid house

It is gray and white along with browns that shape much of the apartment interior with color rarely finding a mention. Monochromatic rooms are made a touch more vibrant using the wood framework even as art pieces put the final touches on a home that feels exclusive and polished. [Photography: Denilson Machado – MCA Estúdio]

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Polished contemporary bedroom in gray and wood
Sophisticated and smart living room of the Grid House
View from the home workspace leaves you captivated
Custom framework of wood adds a sense of uniqueness to the interior
Floor plan of the Grid House in Sao Paulo

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