A historic mid-century home built by Howard R. Barr in the 1950’s, the Ridge Oak Residence in Austin, Texas was given a modern and more spacious makeover by Clayton & Little. It is the street façade of the house that has been largely untouched with the rear extension and the interior adding freshness to the aging residence. Maintaining original design aesthetics of the house, its new interior feels contemporary and classic at the same time with oak shiplap wrapping ushering in warmth to the living space, kitchen and dining area. The total living area of the home was extended from 2,176 square feet to 3,696 square feet with a new generous living area, kitchen, dining area and guest spaces completely revamping the floor plan.

Root system of existing flora on the site was preserved while extending the house

Inside the living area, beige, neutral color and contemporary décor create a relaxing and contemporary mood even a large, framed glass windows connect the interior with the outdoors. Design of the house and the extension also take into account root system of existing oak trees on the lot and also ensure that nature and modernity find space next to one another. In the bedrooms, it is a neutral color scheme that sets the mood with the scenery outside providing a dynamic backdrop. A perfect makeover that combines different eras! [Photography: Molly Culver / Jake Holt]

Ridge Oak Residence in Austin with a historic street facade
Spacious and open new interiors of the Austin home with oak and white backdrop
Black-framed glass windows connect the large dining room with the landscape outside
Charming woodsy walls, lovely sue of beige and a large bookshelf create this wonderful living area
Closer look at the ingenious lighting fixtures used inside the Texas home
Dark framed glass windows turn the tree outside into a work of art that changes with changing seasons!

Clayton & Little took care to respect Barr’s original design by maintaining the brick, wood siding, and punched opening proportions at the front façade. The addition maintains 10 foot ceilings, unusual and innovative in 1950, along with the thin roof profile…

Decorating the bedroom with neutrals even as the oak tree outside adds contrast and color
Large modern kitchen in white and wood feels just inviting!
Oak shiplap wrapping in the main interior gives it warm and elegant modern style
Floor-to-ceiling steel windows connect the new interior with the large rear garden and the oak tree outside
Infinity edge pool and view of Austin’s iconic Pennybacker Bridge at the Ridge Oak Residence

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