The idea of a perfect home is different for different folk. Some of us tend to love a home that is polished, urbane and feel perfectly at home in the ‘concrete jungle’ out there. Then there are others (quickly becoming a majority) who want a home that feels much more inviting, has a personality of its own and is draped in natural goodness. For those out there who feel such a house in the urban landscape is an impossibility, Clara House shows a refreshing and green way forward. Nature and vegetation come firs at this Argentine home designed by Tovo Sarmiento Arquitectos.

Clara House designed by Tovo Sarmiento arquitectos in Argentina

On the outside, the old brick wall of the house was improved and given a white sheen and this keeps away prying eyes. Added to its stoic presence are creepers and natural vegetation that are easy to maintain and will sustain the change of seasons. Native plant species shape the exterior of this beautiful home and also make a big splash visually indoors. A wide selection of potted plants on the upper level balcony, greenery around the deck outside the living area and the ever-present creepers create an atmosphere of serenity.

A neutral color scheme, modern finishes and sliding glass doors bring an air of modernity to a home that feels like a green, comfortable oasis which leaves you surprised at every turn! [Photography: Cristóbal Palma / Estudio Palma]

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Wooden walls of the dining area with a smart pendant
Atrium brings natural light into the interior
Outdoor dining area surrounded by greenery
Playarea of the Clara House
Potted plants and creepers create a gorgeous and relaxing rear yard
Relaxing and neutral modern interior

The project proposal was simple. Recognize the 4 boundaries of the site, vegetate them and that the predominant action was a reaffirmation of a diaphanous emptiness. The cadence that gives the succession of different sieves was transformed into one of the primordial architectural resources. This preamble does not coincide with what the visitor expects to see once the door of the street is crossed. Surprise is part of this first encounter.

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Sliding glass doors connect the interior with the backyard outside
Vegetation plays the role of the protagonist in this modern home
Wall in white with vegetation presents a lovely street facade
Wooden deck with greenery all around

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