The line between traditional bathrooms and powder rooms is quickly getting blurred these days and what we once considered as mere powder rooms are now more or less masquerading as tiny bathrooms! Of course, a smart and elegant powder room still has a charm of its own. It feels exquisite, elegant and no matter the style you choose, there is always a certain sense of refinement in there that never gets lost. It is a great way to impress your guests as well and a stunning powder room makes a big impact irrespective of its size. For those looking to create one as we head into fall or homeowners wanting to revamp their existing powder room, here are 20 fabulous ideas in two of the trendiest hues.

Touch of coastal style for the small, gray powder room [From: Magleby Construction]

Gray is undoubtedly a hot neutral that has been around for nearly a decade now. Its popularity seems to be only on the up and that holds true for the second half of the year as well. Along with gray powder rooms, we are also showcasing powder rooms in turquoise and its many shades, which are currently heading the trends chart. One brings an air of contemporary sophistication while the other epitomizes summer freshness. Delve in to pick your favorite –

Going Gray with Multiple Styles

If you are a design aficionado then there is absolutely no way you would not have tried gray already in your home. Pick from the many brilliant and versatile shades of gray and give the powder room a gorgeous and urbane overhaul. Even if you are shooting for styles such as rustic, farmhouse or traditional, gray feels great pretty much in every setting. It can be coupled with accents and décor from the particular style and a balance with white can easily allow you to use gray in diverse settings.

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Gray farmhouse style powder room with a wooden vanity [From: Celtic Custom Homes]
Hexagonal wallpaper for the powder room in gray [From: Lindsay Chambers Design / Christopher Stark Photography]
Polished contemporary powder room in gray [From: SDH Studio – Architecture and Design]
Sparkling pendant lighting for the attractive powder room in gray [From: Butterfield Custom Homes]

Combining gray with white is an easy choice and this allows gray to shine through visually. Wooden vanities and marble countertops also feel much more elegant when combined with gray in the backdrop. For those who adore color, accents that can be changed with altering seasons and trends are the best option.

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Tiny powder room in white and bluish-gray with Victorian charm
Traditional powder room in gray with vanity in darker shade of gray [From: KSA Kitchens]
White and light gray powder room with ample natural light [From: Brush Arbor Home Construction]
Cheerful and light-filled modern powder room in gray [From: Cambridge Construction]
Grasscloth wallpaper in bluish gray for the small powder room [From: designstiles]

The Many Shades of Turquoise

Turquoise is a color that instantly evokes images of summer, holidays on the beach and an undeniable beach style flavor that you just cannot ignore. But the many shades of turquoise can be used in multiple styles and themes without taking away from them. Again white is your best friend here as it pretty much blends with any shade of turquoise and works with all styles. Those who want just a hint of turquoise in their largely neutral powder room can start with the tiny vanity in turquoise or an accent wall in the color before committing to it fully.

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Charming and simple powder room in white and turquoise
Contemporary powder room in bright turquoise with white ceiling [From: Alene Jackson Interiors]
Eclectic powder room in white and dark turquoise
Floating wooden vanity for the modest powder room in turquoise
Lighting steals the show in this stylish powder room [From: Cronen Building Co]

When using turquoise in the bathroom, one must make sure that the lighting is even and sufficiently bright. Natural light is always the best option and an even layer of recessed lighting can take over after sunset. Pendants and sconce lights next to the vanity and mirror can add to this sense of cheerfulness.

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Modern rustic powder room in white and turquoise [From: TatSuken]
Monochromatic powder room in turquoise with wooden floor [From: maruyama architects office]
Tuscan farmhouse in light turquoise with metallic accents and natural stone sink [From: Lisa Gabrielson Design]
Tuscan farmhouse in light turquoise with metallic accents and natural stone sink
Accent turquoise wall for the powder room in white and black [From: AT6 Architecture : Design Build]

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