There is something undeniably magnetic and eternally charismatic about Mediterranean decorating style. The first and foremost reason why it is so very special is the confluence of contrasting cultures and backdrops that make their presence felt within its wide and vibrant manifestations. It is a crucible of amazing ideas and innovations from originating from the Middle East, the Far East, Africa and Europe. It is barely a wonder then that the style is eternally popular and finds space in an ever-changing world full of sophistication and contemporary panache. Today, we look at dining rooms with Mediterranean magic!

Spectacular and spacious dining room with Mediterranean overtones [From: Richard Manion Architecture]

Despite the formal dining room increasingly becoming a rarity in modern homes, the dedicated dining room or even a considerably large dining area in the open plan living is a great place to try out Mediterranean style. Its many colors and textures leave you spellbound while its more modern versions seamlessly blend in with polished kitchens and living areas in an open plan setting. From the simply amazing to the understated, here is a look at 25 of the very best –

Brick, Stone and Texture

Brick and stone are a great way to create the perfect backdrop for the Mediterranean dining room with plenty of personality. Exposed brick walls also give you an opportunity to change between styles with ease and you ca go from Mediterranean to industrial, rustic or even farmhouse with ease. Classic stone walls or even brick veneer that gives textural beauty to rooms that lack the timeless vibe add another layer of intrigue to the space. Iron lighting fixtures and gorgeous sconces add further charm to these exquisite spaces.

Relaxing modern Mediterranean dining room in white with lovely lighting [From: Vick Fichtner photos]
Stone walls and archways give the room an authentic Mediterranean feel [From: Ecade Limestone]
Stylish and well-lit Mediterranean dining room with stone walls
Brick and stone walls fit in naturally into the Mediterranean narrative [From: Cornerstone Architects]
Classic lighting fixtures for the lovely Mediterranean dining room [From: Santa Cruz Cabinets]
Mediterranean dining room with walls that offer plenty of textural beauty [From: Studio Christophers Design]

Ceiling and Walls that Tell a Story!

Cathedral-style ceilings, wooden roofs with herringbone pattern and exposed ceiling beams help create a beautiful Mediterranean dining room that is even more enduring. The ceiling plays an important part in Mediterranean spaces and leaving it white only takes away from the grandeur of the spaces. A cozy fireplace (or even faux fireplace) in the corner, some lovely wall murals and a pinch of golden glint put the final touches on a dreamy dining room.

Formal traditional dining room with lovely Mediterranean touches [From: Collette Ward Interiors]
Rustic and Mediterranean elements combined inside the dining room
Wall murals for the dashing Mediterranean dining room [From: Chateau Group USA]
Dining room of luxury Malibu villa with Mediterranean style
Exposed ceiling beams, archways and smart lighting for the modern Mediterranean dining room [From: Donald Joseph]

Invite in Nature

Nature is a big part of all things Mediterranean and it brings serenity to a dining room full of pattern and color. Décor made from natural materials and calming finishes in earthen tones can be coupled with bright pops of yellow and red for a dining space that is both tranquil and tantalizing. Large corner glass windows, sliding glass doors that extend the dining area into the garden and archways which link the interior with the outdoors are the perfect way to add even more greenery to the background.

Nature becomes a part of the dining experience here
Textured walls and natural hues for the Mediterranean dining room
Decor with distressed finish fit in perfectly into the Mediterranean dining room [From: Laetitia Jourdan Photography]
Marvelous Mediterranean style dining room connected with the outdoors [From: David Lalush Photography]

Adding the Warmth of Yellow

Yellow in its many hues is a color that looks great in every Mediterranean dining room. Yellow brings warmth and sunshine of Mediterranean weather to the modern dining room and does so with unassuming ease. It can also be used in moderation in rooms in white or gray as an accent hue to highlight the special features of the room. Linking the dining area with the kitchen and living space visually also becomes easier as you can just repeat pops of yellow throughout.

Inviting dining room with a lovely fireplace and decor that highlights beauty of iron
Yellow is a great color for the vibrant Mediterranean style dining room
Contemporary Mediterranean dining room in red and gold!
Dining room hutch and textured walls give the room a classic Mediterranean aura

Modern, Breezy and Pink!

Beyond colors like blue, yellow and red, you can also work with shades of gray, white and brown in the Mediterranean dining room with contemporary elements. The current trend of adding different shades of pink – from pastels to hot pinks – is also an idea you can try out in moderation before committing to it fully. Delicate drapes in white and indoor greenery accentuate the Mediterranean allure.

Modern Mediterranean dining room idea [From: SDG Architects]
Smart modern elements combined with curated Mediterranean panache in the dining room
Spacious dining room with wooden ceiling and plush pink walls [From: Newhaven Builders]
Fabulous dining room combines textured walls with hint of Scandinavian style [From: Maisons du Monde UK]
Gorgeous Mediterranean dining room with wooden ceiling beams and pastel pink chairs [From: STUDIO CERON & CERON]

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