Breathing new life into an old Californian bungalow Down Under, the contemporary rear addition project dubbed Sliding Doors designed by CplusC Architectural Workshop takes a whole new approach to home extensions. The smart, space-savvy and light-filled extension adds to the traditional existing residence and expands the living area while ensuring a balance between privacy and smart indoor-outdoor interplay. It is a series of sliding glass doors with translucent and clear glass panels that come to the rescue here. Wooden slats and a covered deck further provide control over levels of natural ventilation even as changing seasons bring varying configurations to the home.

Gorgeous herb and vegetable garden steals the show in the backyard

Rear garden becomes an active part of daily life here with a vibrant herb and vegetable garden becoming the heart and soul of the setting. Since the homeowners wanted their kids to enjoy a greener and healthier lifestyle, the garden design was carefully planned and its overall presence adds to the kitchen and dining room aura. A skylight in the kitchen offers natural task lighting with a trio of contemporary pendants taking over after sunset. Recycled brick walls, natural wood finishes and modernity co-exist with ease in here! [Photography: Murray Fredericks, Michael Lassman Photography]

Entire family tends to the innovative herb garden
Innovative extension of Californian bungalow with a herb garden
Reclaimed brick and wood used for modern extension in the Aussie home
Reclaimed brick inside the house shines out visually
Skylight brings plenty of natural task lighting into the kitchen
Sliding doors connect the interior with the backyard and the herb garden
Smart use of translucent and normal glass sliding doors brings in plenty of natural light

The doors also contain a mix of opaque, clear and frosted glass louvers to allow the family to control air, light, and privacy. Because the clients were keen to teach their kids about food production and gardening, a herb garden covers the wall of the external courtyard and provides a visual link to the kitchen that enriches the experience of food preparation.

Using vertical space for a cultured herb garden
White, wood and brick kitchen of the contemporary home
Dynamic use of sliding doors for modern extension
Contemporary kitchen in white utilizes wood and glass beautifully

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