Black Friday sales are picking up pace and many, as always, are looking around their home and thinking ways in which they can add something new to the interior. If there is one big mover this time of the year, then it is undoubtedly the big, flat screen TV. It is a hit almost all year long and no matter how great your television already is, you always an upgrade. As great deals and sales start to take over, the giant TV seems that much bigger on the ‘hottest selling items’ list. But the more essential question that many ignore is – where would that big electronic panel look best? A great TV deal is only truly complete when the television set gets a great space in the your home!

Innovative poster styled doors swing open to reveal the TV in this living space [From: Birdseye Building]

So, where do you want to put the TV? This is a question many homeowners grappled with and each member of the family has his or her own view. Some want it in the living room while others want it in a separate TV room. Not everyone in the family has the same viewing requirements and in a world where everyone is addicted to smartphones, the electronic bonfire still holds its own – especially as we head into Election Day and holiday season –

1. Size of the Screen

One thing we know is that no matter how big a TV is; it is still not big enough. We are aware of homes where a small living rooms holds a large 60-inch flat screen and the homeowners fell hey could get one ever bigger. Yet, the size of the screen needs to be just right for the room it sits in. This is why we believe picking a spot out for the television before you go and take a look at the deals is even more essential. A small TV in a big room feels, boring and unwatchable and a giant screen in a modest room is far too overpowering and just bad for your eyes in the long run.

Small TV room and home office with custom wooden shelves and a comfy couch [From: Luxe Remodel]

2. Above the Fireplace?

Placing the television above the fireplace was simply not an acceptable decorating idea for several decades. Then the big, smart TVs came along and you also had the sleek contemporary fireplaces that made things much easier and trendier. Today, the TV above the mantel is a hot decorating trend and if you really like this look then you can definitely give it a go this holiday season. Make sure that the television is not too high and he viewing angle is comfortable enough despite the presence of the mantel.

Contemporary family room of Chicago home where the television is placed above the fireplace [From: M House Development]
Metal fireplace and media wall with hidden TV become the stunning focal point of this expansive living space [From: Corbin Reeves Construction]

3. Making it the Focal Point

Remember the famous line from Friends when Joey asks, “If you do not own a TV, then what is all your furniture pointed to?”. This has been the central living room decorating idea for many decades now across the world. But times and technology have changed this idea and today, fewer living spaces have the TV as their focal point. If you want to go back to the look of the 90’s, then making the TV as ‘central piece’ of the living area is not a bad idea at all.

TV at the center of the open white bookshelf becomes an instant focal point with ease [From: Rehkamp Larson Architects]

4. Conceal the TV

Do you want to add the television in a way where it is only visible when it is being used and just disappears other times? This is probably the best option in many living rooms and a perfect compromise of sorts. Hidden closets, cabinets and sliding panels the move to reveal the television are all easy ideas that help you with this. It is easy to place the television inside a bookcase or surrounded by other decorative pieces where it is no longer the only feature on the accent wall in the room.

Sliding wooden panes conceal the television in this farmhouse style living space elegantly [From: Darlington Design]

5. Exclusive Television Room

The idea of a TV room is one that we absolutely love because it takes the distraction away from the living area and the bedroom and encourages family members to spend more time with one another. You also inherently spend less time in here when compared to having a TV in the living space and this cuts back on just casually switching it on and allowing it to play in the backdrop all the time. A healthier and more elegant choice if you can spare the space!

Consider different light sources in the room before you settle on a spot for the TV [From: Acampora Interiors]
Gorgeous modern TV room that also serves as a great home library

6. Maybe the Bedroom?

This is an idea that has as many people opposing it has those who really love it. At the end of the day, if you are someone who spends a whole lot of their time each evening in the bed and wants to enjoy their favorite shows and late night news in here, then having a TV in the bedroom works just fine. It needs to be on the opposite side of our headboard wall and at a height where you do not have to look up or down too much. Also, it is advisable to switch off the television an hour or two before you sleep for a more restful night.

Add a TV to the bedroom for a more fun and relaxing Holiday Season [From: Estate Photos]
Exquisite master bedroom in neutrals with a television

7. Stands, Styles and Everything Else

Technology and wireless gadgets have made it much easier to place the big TV almost anywhere we want. Stands that swivel and allow for TV viewing from different parts of the open plan living, perfect surround sound systems and great entertainment units have turned the television into a sleeker and more eye-catching addition. As you head into Black Friday and pick a flat screen you always wanted, do pick out a place for it before things start getting really busy and fast!

Fabulous walnut TV cabinet brings great flexibility to the interior and can be used outdoors as well [From: Hinterland Supply]
Creative stand for the television in the corner of the room [From: Eisenmann Architecture]

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