Most modern makeovers and renovation generally follow a similar template with the old, aging house being extended into the rear yard and a more modern interior revamping the existing home. But there are a few projects that move away from this beaten path. Part of a bustling neighborhood in Bothell, Seattle, this residence hosts a family of three and has been largely unaltered since the 80’s AN old fireplace and dark backdrop shaped the existing living room. The homeowners wanted ULLE Studio to create a more elegant and modern living area clad in in neutral hues.

Before and After of the open living space renovation in Bothell

One of the first things you notice after the makeover is how the old fireplace was replaced by a sleeker modern version even as a large flat screen TV sits on top of it. Next to this, the old and forgotten little niche now has a dashing, custom wooden cabinet that helps in keeping the living area far more organized. Underneath this unit is some space to store firewood while a comfy leather sectional and a cool coffee table complete the living area.

Placing the television above the fireplace is a hot trend you can easily embrace
Revamped and renovated living space of the modern home with neutral hues
Smart little wooden unit maximizes space in the living room corner
Unique new look for the living space combines smart decor with custom cabinetry
Wall art steals the show in this modern dining room with neutral colors
Combining smart modern decorative pieces with a space-savvy makeover

With a simple change in the backdrop colors, the living room now feels, brighter, more cheerful and definitely far more contemporary. Large glass doors on one side of the living area were left unaltered while the dining room on the other side features a fabulous wall art piece that ends up stealing the spotlight in here. A practical and spacious-conscious budget makeover that combines form and functionality beautifully!

Decorating the custom wooden credenza in the living room in a beautiful fashion
Modern dining area with large wooden table and a neutral backdrop
Images of the living room and the old fireplace of the house before renovation
Closer look at the TV and the fireplace before renovation
Design plan of the new living area and dining room of the Seattle room

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