Living room with gold accents and furniture

Living room with gold accents by Decorilla

Turning a home into a designer abode is more possible than ever – thanks to virtual design. With expertise online, one couple could transform their newly constructed space into a sleek, comfy, and trendy home. Here’s how they completed their interior with Decorilla – read on to see the living room with gold accents first! 

Living room before gold accent furniture makeover


The Challenge: Designing with Gold Room Accents

The clients were excited to modify their new home with plenty of gold accents. They used examples of model homes to compile ideas for their new space. Though inspiring, echoing these designs came with a set of challenges, namely:

  • Including an electric fireplace and dry bar in the living room with gold accents.
  • Decorative features like crown molding for the flex, living, and dining rooms
  • Adding a dark theme for the dining room
  • The dining room should get gold room accents, two gold shelves, and mirrors
  • Ensuring the flex room is child-friendly  
  • Incorporating color into the flex room, change the wall color
  • The flex room should have a lounge area, workout zone, and an office space
  • Creating a cohesive design by linking each room through gold room accents.

After ticking off the checklist and tackling all the challenges, Decorilla created a design the couple adored. The couple praised designer Casey, saying they’re “so in LOVE with the results! [We] couldn’t thank you enough!”

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Decorating with gold accents and a white side table

High-end living room with a mini bar by Decorilla

Inspiration is the First Step to a Designer Home

Curated high-end design ideas inspired the clients. Black and white furniture with select gold room accents make these interiors feel distinct and defined. The couple loves sharp, contemporary lines and plush materials that create a clean and distinguished style. They also wanted designer lighting and luxurious finishes for their home.

Starting their dream design couldn’t have been easier. The couple completed a quick quiz to pinpoint their style preferences and requirements. With this information, Decorilla matched the pair to two vetted interior designers who excel in the specific style. And so, these two experts divined separate concepts for the project.

inspiration for a living room with gold accents

Perfecting the Concept & Design

Casey H. created the proposal the client loved most. It features a monochromatic color palette, with hints of high-contrast black and gold room accents – perfect for a luxurious interior design. Black feature swivel chairs, throw pillows, and statement abstract artwork promise to define the interior. Casey stuck to a soothing palette that feels luxurious and refined. 

By decorating with gold accents, Casey could layer in a more luxurious style and look. These details also add definition, juxtaposing the gentle whites and grays. In the same way, darker features act as a base for lighter elements to shine even more.

Decorating with gold accents for a living room

Custom mini-bar by Decorilla

Bringing the Final Design to Life

Far from the previous mismatch, the new living room with gold accents sings luxe harmony. Now, a huge L-shaped sofa takes its place to anchor the design as well as add practical seating for impromptu soirees.

There’s an interplay of light and dark to contrast, add visual depth, and define a previously indistinct room. The designer swapped curtains for dark fabric that framed the windows, installing them high on the wall to make the walls feel taller and the room bigger. Plus, the gray material distinguishes the light sofa from the light eggshell-white walls. Before, the rooms also felt unfinished. Now crown molding and designer built-ins – like the clever custom media wall – pitch a perfectly well-rounded interior design.

Living room before decorating with gold accents and furniture


Living room with gold accents

Contemporary luxe living room with gold accents by Decorilla

High Contrast for a Living Room with Gold Accents 

The formal lounge features a stunning custom dry bar with Art Deco-inspired wallpaper. It has a compact but practical design. Again, the dark background, gold home accents like the unique custom shelves, and black cabinet define the spaces. The contrast creates a spot of intrigue and functionality in a grand design. Other final touches in the room include neutral light-toned coffee and accent tables, contrasting throw pillows, a minimalist electrical fireplace, and luxurious lighting.

Dining room with gold accents

Dining room with gold accents by Decorilla

Social Dining with a Sleek Design

The dining room dips straight into the hottest dining room trends that make the most of subtle yet striking gold accents. A narrow kitchen connects the living and dining rooms, which meant the designs had to be complementary and cohesive, following the same style and color narrative.

Before, a decorative wallpaper covered the walls, but it felt dark and unwelcoming. So, the designer started the makeover with elements that convey movement and life. The winning pieces include an eye-catching raw edge dining table with a statement gold inlet, raindrop gold chandelier, and greenery. Two green dining chairs at the head of the table also inject some liveliness into the design as they stand apart from more earthy beige chairs.

Dining room before gold room accents


Gold room accents in a dining room with rustic and glam details

Contemporary dining room by Decorilla

Tactile Details and Gold Room Accents

This design is rich in texture and contemporary form. Floor-to-ceiling curtains are the first tactile element making a big impact on the overall design. Next is an oversized rug with multi-grays, conveying an illusion of texture. A fluted sideboard also adds to the visual-tactile quality. Smooth surfaces, on the other hand, provide contrast and act as a base from which textural elements can shine more.

A super sleek home bar, exquisite shelving that matches the living room, and layered lighting give this dining room with gold accents something extra. This design is made for hosting in style, and it can seat up to 10 guests for formal dinners or cocktail parties, thanks to its designer bar.

The workout area before decorating with gold accents


Flex room with gold accent furniture and piece

After flex room with gold accents by Decorilla

Living room with gold accents with colorful furniture

Flex design by Decorilla

Versatile Flex Room for Work and Play

This designer pad also needed the practicalities of everyday life. So it came to a flex room for the young family to enjoy movies, double as a workspace and home gym. Incorporating all three of these elements into one is challenging but a success at the end of the day, owing to a clever layout and design cohesion.

The main rooms needed a neutral feel, but the flex room could go with something a little more feminine. And so this space could get away with more color plus gold accent furniture to tie it to the overall design theme. Before, the room only had workout equipment and a small home office area. Now, the interior has allocated each zone sensibly to include a movie lounge as well.

Before decorating with gold accents


Gold side table and accent furniture in a living room

Lounge with a gold accent table by Decorilla

Decorating with Gold Accents and Color

Raised panel wainscoting dresses the walls, instantly making it more attractive. The color scheme is simple, allowing bold accent furniture and pieces to pop, specifically the clients’ teal sofa and burgundy velvet armchair. A glass coffee table and acrylic office chair give an illusion of more space by taking up little visual space. A modern desk, bold twin ottomans, and an abstract rug make up the final touches while strengthening a more eclectic, fun air.

Artwork and unique lighting also give it a more playful, experimental style. It places the focus on the lounge-meets-workspace and keeps the workout area minimal. In this way, it’s functional but not a visual deterrent to the greater design.

Shopping list for decorating with gold accents

Decorilla online shopping list

Online Shop and Furniture Sourcing

Now that the clients have refined their final designs, they could put it into place whenever it suits their schedule. Fortunately, Decorilla makes this easy by including an interactive online shopping list with the final design. Here, clients can shop for products required for the room directly and get access to trade-exclusive discounts of up to 40% off.

The clients could shop at their discretion to complete their living room with gold accents, and Decorilla’s white-glove concierge service ensures a seamless process whenever it suits the pair.

Top picks for a living room with gold accents

Designer Picks for a Living Room with Gold Accents

You can also create a luxurious home with a gold side table or other luxe room accents. Here are our favorites from the living room design. Use these to guide your design, or get in touch to get started on a designer abode today!

  1. Faux Tree
  2. Glass Chandelier
  3. Velvet Pillow
  4. Geometric Wallpaper
  5. White Sofa
  6. Abstract Rug
  7. Gold Pedestal

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