Modsy living room interior design

Editor’s Note: As of July 2022, Modsy has ceased its online interior design services. If you’re looking for online interior design assistance, explore reliable options like Decorilla Virtual Interior Design.

Decorating your dream space becomes a breeze with just a bit of assistance, and virtual interior design is here to simplify the process. But which one is best? Read on as we explore Modsy in a comprehensive review to uncover its unique advantages and any notable quirks. 

Modsy Interior Design Service

Modsy home office interior design example
3D rendering of a home office by Modsy

Modsy’s fine-tuned virtual service blends interior design expertise and advanced technology to render personalized solutions. It tailors projects to every individual’s unique taste and needs. Plus, through Modsy, users can visualize and interact with curated interior design ideas within the context of their rooms before making any purchases.

Modsy Design Process: How it Works

Imagine being able to walk through your newly designed room even before buying a single piece of furniture. That’s the magic of 3D visualization.

Modsy bedroom interior design ideas
Modsy bedroom interior design ideas

Here’s a step-by-step breakdown of the interior design service:

  1. Style Quiz: Start with a fun and interactive quiz that helps Modsy understand your design preferences, lifestyle, and the functionality you need from your space.
  2. Snapshot and Share: Next, you’ll need to take a few photos and measurements of your space. It’s simple and doesn’t require any professional equipment.
  3. Layout Phase: Armed with your input, Modsy’s designer gets to work. They will create two initial floor plans for your space, and you pick your favorite.
  4. Design Time: Your designer will then fine-tune your design and present it as a 3D rendering.
  5. Review and Revise: This is where the collaboration truly shines. You can request changes, swap out products, or even change the layout until it’s just right.
  6. Shop with Confidence: Once you’re happy with the design, you can shop directly from your design plans. Modsy offers exclusive discounts with popular brands, making the process seamless.

Knowing your style helps designers to create your ideal interior. Not sure what yours is? Then try our free interior design style quiz to find out! 

Modsy Pricing: Something for Every Budget

Modsy cost for a entryway design
Modsy foyer design

Cost is often a deterrent when considering interior design services. However, as with services like Decorilla, Modsy has managed to balance affordability and quality. They offer multiple pricing tiers, ensuring there’s an option for every budget. Modsy’s pricing ranges from $159 for a single-room design to $499 for a Luxe-level package. Multi-room packages are also available.

Modsy Reviews: Finished Project Feedback

Modsy dining room design review
Farmhouse style dining room by Modsy

Modsy has made a name for itself in the realm of online interior design, and a delve into customer reviews unveils its strengths as well as its niggles. Mixed feedback underscores Modsy’s visual allure while hinting at a possible trade-off between aesthetics and hominess.

Online Modsy Reviews from Clients:

“My designer was amazing! She reached out several times after my initial consultation to get an understanding of my style and preferences. The attention to detail to make sure she designed for me, not a “style” really impressed me.

Love her designs and the one I selected is turning out gorgeous! So excited about my new living room design, color, furniture, and artwork. I could not have selected all these pieces and colors myself.

The only downside, and not a designer issue, is the recommended pieces. I am a shopper so of course, researched and found all the pieces recommended at lower prices, therefore ordered the pieces outside of Modsy.”

“[My designer] is great! She understood exactly what I was looking for and created an amazing design with very little additional direction. Loved the experience and bought 3 more rooms to have her design!”

“I don’t recommend purchasing items through I was very satisfied with the design of my living room but was overcharged $500 for the items purchased and I’m still waiting for a backordered item. There is no response to emails, no easily available phone number, and no correspondence updating me on the status of the back-ordered item. While they claim you have unlimited design changes, the link to the designer is disabled after a couple of months (so don’t lag on decisions).”

Is Modsy worth it? Perks and Things to Note

Modsy patio interior design
Modsy patio interior design

Exploring online interior design services can lead many to question, “Is Modsy worth it?” As one of the pioneering platforms in virtual interior design, Modsy offers a plethora of perks. Let’s investigate the notable benefits in this Modsy review as well as some considerations and aspects to note.


Modsy’s streamlined design process makes creating a dreamy interior a breeze. Here are more benefits to look forward to:

1. Personalized Designs

Every Modsy design is meticulously tailored to the individual, reflecting a deep understanding of personal style and preference. It crafts aesthetically pleasing spaces that are also functional, and harmonized with your lifestyle and daily needs. This meticulous approach ensures that each room is as unique as the occupant’s personality. 

2. Budget-Friendly

The Modsy pricing structure aims to deliver expertise within a tight budget. This thoughtful approach ensures that elegance and affordability walk hand in hand in every design proposition. 

3. Brand Partnerships

Modsy maintains collaborative partnerships with renowned brands, granting access to high-quality products at preferential rates. The partnerships not only emphasize quality and style but also guarantee value, bringing premium branded aesthetics to your space at accessible prices. 

4. Easy-to-Use Interface

The Modsy app boasts an intuitive interface, ensuring a seamless design process even for those who may not be up to speed with technology. The app simplifies the journey from conceptualization to realization, making interior design an enjoyable experience for everyone.

Modsy design review
Modsy design with product selection

Things to Consider

While Modsy has many advantages, prospective users must consider things that might impact their experience. Let’s explore some of the cons associated with Modsy’s services, ensuring users have a well-rounded understanding before embarking on their design journey.

1. Virtual Limitations

While the 3D visualization tools provided by Modsy are undoubtedly pioneering, new users may experience a slight learning curve while navigating and visualizing their spaces. It may take a bit of time and patience to fully grasp the mechanics of the virtual tools and to visualize the designs effectively in a three-dimensional space. For those not familiar with digital design tools, this might pose an initial challenge, but it’s usually manageable with a bit of practice and exploration.

2. Dependent on Third-Party Retailers

The platform excels in creating visually appealing and functional designs, but actual purchases are executed through various third-party retailers. This implies that users may find themselves interacting with different Modsy customer service teams from various retailers should any issues or concerns arise post-purchase. This reliance on external retailers might resolve purchase-related concerns slightly more complex and time-consuming, requiring interactions with multiple entities to address a single issue.

3. Design Limitations

While Modsy offers a comprehensive array of products and brands, there might be situations where they don’t have the specific brand or item a user is seeking. Fully staged designs are also on the costly spectrum. This limitation means you might need to compromise the preferred design or functional requirement. It underscores the importance of maintaining flexible expectations and being open to exploring alternative products or brands.

Modsy rustic bedroom interior design
Modsy rustic bedroom interior design

Modsy Alternatives 

Exploring Modsy competitors can offer diverse perspectives and approaches to virtual interior design. So if it isn’t the fit for you, here are some great alternatives to consider!

1. Decorilla

Modsy alternative and competitors - Decorilla
Living room design by Decorilla

Decorilla makes virtual interior design convenient and oh-so attractive! Kicking off with an easy style quiz, Decorilla swiftly moves on to matching you with two vetted interior designers perfectly suited to your personal tastes. These creatives then come up with two concept boards for your room and you get to choose your favorite. From here, your chosen designer will fine-tune your room design to your every need. You can also chat with your designer on Decorilla’s online platform to get your space just right. Once your design is perfected, you’ll receive multi-angle virtual representations of your space and gain access to exclusive trade discounts of up to 45% off on the necessary products.

Modsy alternatives and competitors - Decorilla
Contemporary living room by Decorilla

Decorilla’s immersive photorealistic 3D designs set it apart from the rest. Plus, its diverse team of experienced designers caters to a wide range of budgets, ensuring transparent pricing options from Bronze to Gold, making it accessible to everyone.

2. West Elm Room Planner

Modsy alternative competitors
Room Planner by West Elm

Known as a behemoth in the furniture domain, West Elm‘s Room Planner is ideal if you love the brand’s distinctive aesthetic. Offering more hands-on experience, West Elm lets users engage with the design process through their room planner app. Through this platform, you can plan your interior by dragging and dropping West Elm products into a mock-up of your space. This makes it an attractive Modsy alternative if you prefer a tangible and interactive approach to design.

3. RoomLift

Modsy competitors and alternatives
Living room recommendations by RoomLift

RoomLift has a distinctive approach. Rather than relying solely on a completely digital process, they opt for a more tangible method by sending clients a carefully curated box brimming with design suggestions. Inside each box, you’ll discover floor plans, shopping lists, and valuable design insights. This hands-on, personal touch sets RoomLift apart in the realm of online interior design. Their pricing structure is room-specific, and every box is meticulously customized to align with the client’s individual preferences and budget. It’s an elegant fusion of the traditional and the contemporary, presenting clients with a harmonious blend of both worlds.

Modsy FAQ

How long does the Modsy design process take?

Typically, the initial designs are shared within a week. However, the overall timeline can vary based on revisions and feedback.

Can I use my existing furniture in the Modsy design?

Absolutely! Modsy encourages incorporating existing pieces, ensuring the new design feels like home.

Is there a physical Modsy store?

Modsy operates primarily online, ensuring they can cater to a wide audience without the limitations of a physical location.

What can I use instead of Modsy?

Instead of Modsy, there are several alternatives you can consider for virtual interior design and home decor services. From taking to Pinterest to curate your style to a full-blown and versatile virtual design service like Decorilla, your options are vast. First, pinpoint how much assistance you want before moving on with your design. You can also try your hand at 3D designs with platforms like Homestyler and Planner 5D.

What is the difference between Modsy and Havenly?

Modsy focuses more on visualizations and a full online design package. Havenly, on the other hand, prioritizes simplified designs with a detailed quiz starting the process.

Does Modsy still work?

Modsy ceased providing virtual design services in 2022. However, the platform promises new developments in the future.

Modsy Review in a Nutshell

Modsy stands out as one of the top service providers. With its unique approach, clear pricing, and emphasis on collaboration, it offers a design experience that’s both easy and fulfilling. If you’re on the fence about giving virtual design a try, remember that the best spaces are a blend of dreams and reality, and this design service might just be the tool to help you achieve that.

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