We are increasingly seeing homes where the modern and the traditional find space next to one another and do so in a comfortable manner. The idyllic Terracotta House designed by Annabelle Tugby Architects is no different as it combines an exterior that feels classic and earthy with an interior that is modern, polished and light-filled. The contrast is obvious and yet is one that most of us would enjoy immensely. The house sits deep inside a lot that is on the street and its placement along with the winding driveway ensure that there is plenty of privacy for those inside.

Custom terracotta tiles shape the facade of the London home

The timber gate and sandstone walls on the outside give way to the façade that is covered in custom, handmade terracotta tiles. The tiles have been crafted to mimic the shape of leaves and this creates an additional connection between the residence and nature. Step inside and you have white and wood taking over. The color scheme has been kept intentionally understated with the kitchen becoming the heart and soul of the new living area. It is the upper level that holds the bedrooms and other private spaces.

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Private courtyard of the Terracotta House surrounded by greenery
Staircase inside the terracotta house in London
View of the entry of the house that offers complete privacy
View of the Terracotta House from a distance gives it a classic appeal
Wooden lats add another textural charm to the modern London home

An open courtyard on one side of the kitchen and a deck with dining space on the other blur conventional boundaries. This extension of the interior into the garden makes the home even more visually spacious. A perfect and relaxing setting with old world British charm thrown into the mix.

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Black shelves and appliances create a focal point in the neutral kitchen
Brick and terracotta exterior of the London home
Contemporary interior of the London home with wood and white with a dash of accent gray panache
Dashing modern wood and white kitchen with gray accents
Floor plan of the Terracotta House in London with custom facade

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