For the avid design aficionado, the hot trend that glorifies the use of Edison bulbs in interior decorating is nothing new. Even if you have not really given this cool lighting fixture any special attention in recent times, 2018’s first half will force you to notice it at its splendid best! Having already showcased some of the most captivating inspirations that involve the Edison bulb, today we turn our attention to kids’ rooms that utilize this classic bulb in a contemporary and fashionable manner.

Scandinavian style contemporary kids bedroom exudes minimalism

Utilizing Edison bulbs in the kids’ room is all too easy and you have plenty of opportunities to get creative with it. They can be used as bedside lighting fixtures, chandeliers or even captivating pendants that steal the spotlight. Unlike most other lighting fixtures, the Edison bulb easily blends in with the style of the kids’ room and work with a variety of themes. Understated, exquisite and versatile, this is a look at the best kids’ bedrooms with Edison bulb lighting fixtures –

In the Industrial Style Kids’ Room

It is barely a surprise that the Edison bulb fits in perfectly with the industrial style kids’ bedroom. Even if the room veers more towards modernity and has only a touch of industrial charm, Edison bulbs accentuate this edgy side of the space without going overboard. They look particularly appealing in tween and teen bedrooms and usher in an air of timelessness while combining easily with metallic and exposed brick finishes.

Light-filled industrial kids’ room with accent brick wall
Rustic bedroom with corner beds and Edison bulb lighting [From: Maracay Homes Design Studio]
Creative bedside lighting for the industrial style kids’ room

A Modern Affair!

As we talked about it earlier, the Edison bulb looks great even in the modern kids’ room when combined with the right ceiling or bedside lamp. Modern and midcentury chandeliers with Edison bulbs look great above the bed while slimmer, more space-savvy pendants sit snugly next to the bed. Blend them with a splash of color, a bit textural contrast and repeat their use elsewhere in the room to fashion a more curated ambiance.

Modern kids’ room with an ingenious lighting fixture [From: Barbara Grushow Designs]
You do not even notice the use of Edison bulbs here thanks to the brilliant backdrop [From: ARQ DESIGN USA]
Innovative lighting fixture for the modern kids’ room [From: Kimberly Fox Designs]

Finding a Creative Outlet

When it comes to crafting your own Edison bulb light fixtures, a bit of creativity goes a long way indeed! You can use a dried branch along with Edison bulbs and brightly colored wire to create a distinctive, modern-rustic ceiling lamp for the kids’ room. This cool addition also looks lovely in the adult bedroom or even the dining room. Even a few hanging Edison bulbs in the corner make a big visual impact and do so with minimal fuss.

Modern eclectic kids’ room with delightful lighting [From: Rob Stuart Interiors / Donna Dotan Photography]
Transitional kids’ room with a plush blue couch [From: Robeson Design]
Finding a light fixture that works well with the simplicity of the Edison bulb [From: Biringer Builders]

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