one&done Toothbrush Dispenses Toothpaste Like PEZ Candies

Oftentimes the most meaningful and useful designs are not wholly new solutions, but born from revisiting the mundane tools we depend upon every day, simply seen with fresh eyes. Industrial designer Pelin Özbalcı’s one&done toothbrush is one such concept, a toothbrush reimagined for travelers seeking to pack lightly and efficiently, combining the identifiable form of dental hygiene with a functional addition normally associated with tooth decay.

Three one&done toothbrushes in lagoon, coral, and blueberry coloras standing vertically on its base end, each with a clear tube with 20 toothpaste tablets stored within.

The one&done’s frosted transparent plastic storage allows users to keep track of whether it’s time to reload the 20 toothpaste tablets capacity. Fully loaded, it’s sufficient for ten days of travel with a morning and evening brushing schedule.

With the one&done, the Istanbul-based industrial designer mashes up what could be two diametrically opposed objects: the toothbrush and a candy dispenser. Designed into a singular object using toothpaste tablets in lieu of standard tubed paste, the one&done offers a convenient space saving form ideal for travel, eliminating the chances of making a mess, while also standardizing the proper amount of dental product to an exact amount each time, something not always true while squeezing a tube.

Close up the toothbrush tablet dispenser section of the one&done toothbrush in coral finish.

Close up the where the toothbrush neck meets the clear tablet storage cylinder across all three colors of coral, blueberry, and lagoon.

To make brushing a little more fun, the design is realized in three vibrant colors – coral, blueberry, and lagoon.

Detail of the coral and blueberry colorways of the one&done toothbrush side by side.

Detail of the coral red toothbrush with replacement head partially removed.

“I designed one&done as a toothbrush with a twist,” explains Özbalcı about the PEZ dispenser inspired design. “The toothbrush securely holds up to 20 toothpaste tablets within its compact design, and also features a replaceable brush parts for a more eco-friendly approach to oral care.”

Detail of the coral red toothbrush with its magnetic plastic brush cover.

Travel toothbrushes have a habit of creating a mess. Özbalcı’s solution is a magnetic toothbrush cap to keep brushes away from germs (and vice versa).

Detail of the coral red toothbrush with its magnetic plastic brush cover fully placed over bristles.

Detail of one&done logo across the toothbrush head holder in coral finish.

Optional blueberry and lagoon versions of the one&done toothbrush rendered in 3D floating the air with toothpaste tablets.

One coral colored one&done toothbrush standing in the center of a grid work of white columns.

The designer’s sustainable hygiene dispenser was recognized with a ProCarton Young Designers Award.

one&done packaging staged to show the embossed cardboard design of the base, toothbrush head, toothpaste tablets, cover and toothbrush replacement embellished with coral highlights.

Özbalcı’s vision for one&done extends to its packaging, each component embossed in profile across the box.

The Junior industrial designer currently works at Silicon Valley mobility start-up ACTON Global, responsible for visualization, UI/UX, and industrial design, while also founding her own industrial design studio, Nest Studio. More of Özbalcı’s most recent work is available on her Instagram.

Gregory Han is a Senior Editor at Design Milk. A Los Angeles native with a profound love and curiosity for design, hiking, tide pools, and road trips, a selection of his adventures and musings can be found at

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