When it comes to eclectic style we are even more careful than usual with decorating choice and strongly believe that it is not a style for everyone. It requires plenty of care to combine various elements of the style together and it definitely is different for different people. What works in one eclectic space does not work in other eclectic rooms and it also depends on the size of the room at times. In the small kitchen, eclectic style looks great when done right and it gives the small space a personality of its own. Since everyone has a different idea of what eclectic style is, you have a kitchen that is space-savvy, stylish and unique as well.

White and wood small eclectic kitchen with a healthy dose of yellow thrown into the mix [From: Rick & Cindy Black Architects]

The small eclectic kitchen is a space that is often full of color and yet each singular element seems to accentuate the overall style of the setting. While using too much color in such small areas might feel risky, the 25 gorgeous inspirations below showcase how it can be pulled off without creating a cluttered environment. From the shabby-eclectic kitchen to those with a touch of industrial flair thrown into he mix, check out these fab inspirations –

Beautiful Blocks of Color

If you love beautiful blocks of colors being combined with a neutral backdrop, then the modern eclectic style is perfect for you. You can combine different colors without much fuss in here and even bright hues like red, blue and green can find space when coupled with a more neutral backdrop. Adding a couple of bright colors can be simple enough as you choose colorful kitchen range or even a retro refrigerator that comes in a bold hue. Moving between different colors as seasons change is not an issue in here as you already have a hint of every color in here. Pendants, kitchenware and accessories can further accentuate these vibrant colors.

Blocks of color make a big impact in this small eclectic living room
Eclectic kitchen of small Moscow apartment is drenched in color and pattern [From: maliuta Konstantin]
Gorgeous eclectic kitchen with brick accent wall and lovely pops of yellow all around
Making use of corner space in the tiny kitchen with a dash of red thrown into the mix
Pastel pink and green bring color to the classy vintage kitchen [From: Prosto]
Serene French Country style coupled with eclectic aesthetics in the small kitchen
Shades of green and yellow coupled with wood inside the small eclectic kitchen [From: architector samara]
Black chalkboard wall and gorgeous yellow chair for the small eat-in kitchen

Maximizing Space with Elegance

Even in the small eclectic kitchen space can be maximized with sacrificing aesthetics and the first place to start is the kitchen corner. Sometimes, even a tiny little nook next to the breakfast area or dining space can be transformed into a lovely little kitchen that is space-conscious. A series of closed cabinets and open shelves can do the trick and once again, we turn to the vertical room on offer to provide us with more storage area. Any open space above the wall-mounted cabinets can be used for stacking the extra, unused kitchenware and freeing up the central area of the kitchen allows you to accommodate a small, round dining area.

Modest kitchen with ample sitting space and a whole lot of greenery [From: archedile]
Orange colored wallpaper used to delineate the small kitchen in corner with eclectic style [From: Regan Wood Photography]
Small eat-in eclectic kitchen combines geometric pattern with a dash of color
Sylish eat-in kitchen in blue with multi-colored tiles and plenty of blue [From: skovorodnikova]
Tiles bring pattern to the backdrop without altering the color scheme of the small eclectic kitchen
Vivacious backsplash for the modest single-wall kitchen with modern eclectic style [From: Variant Office – Architecture & Interiors]
Beautiful white kitchen with small dining table and wooden countertops[From: Joy Flanagan Design]
Lovely use of blue inside the tiny eclectic kitchen

Lighting Decor and Breakfast Bars

Lighting is always an important element in home design and it can make or break the look of a room even if you get everything else right. In the small kitchen with a style that is as eccentric as eclectic, lighting assumes twice the importance. Create an even layer of artificial lighting along with a flood of natural light to find that perfect balance between both. Mirrored finishes, metallic accents and other lighter finishes in the kitchen can provide visual balance in a kitchen where loud colors, greenery and extravagant pattern is always welcome!

Brass bar stools add metallic glint to the modern Moroccan eclectic kitchen in neutral hues [From: PlaidFox Studio]
Cost-effective and space-savvy small kitchen in pink and blue with golden glint [From: Amy Shirlaw Interiors]
Reclaimed wood floor and white cabinets combined elegantly in this small eclectic kitchen [From: Pati Robins]
U-shaped eclectic kitchen with white and blue tiles and wooden cabinets [From: Mon Concept Habitation]
Using vintage fridge to add color to the small eclectic kitchen with concrete walls
Vintage look combined with modernity and eclectic blend of colors inside the small kitchen [From: Bjurfors Skåne]
Banquette seating in blue inside the small eclectic kitchen adds color while utilizing corner space [From: studio ATARA]
Black and white kitchen floor tiles take you back in time and give the space a retro look [From: propertylab+art]

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